Our Code EditorOur Code EditorA pocket IDE, material, fast and free for all

High performance

Enjoy a high performance code editor in your pocket for free

Remote files

Our Code Editor allows you to edit remote files from sources like Dropbox and SFTP servers

Smart Design

The developers love terminals, but with Our Code Editor you will live the material design more closely

Available for Phone and tablet

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Why is it special?

Look what this app has to offer
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Why should you use Our Code Editor?

Our Code Editor has a lot to offer

Remote files

Access files from Dropbox or connect to a SFTP Server, make quick changes in your project directly from your device

Useful development tools

Our Code Editor provides autocomplete support, syntax highlighting for more than 120 languages, color picker, code formatting, syntax error checker and a lot more.


You can search and replace content with Our Code Editor, customize the theme of the editor, font size etc.

Easy to use

Open the number of editors that you want, there are no limits ! Our Code Editor is really easy to use

We know you'll love it

Inline Diff

Our Code Editor free allows you to display an inline diff from the last save state

Emmet Support

Expand simple expressions into full fledged HTML code magically using Emmet.


Our Code Editor offers more than 30 syntax highlighting themes, unleash your dark or light side while you work

A lot of tools, really

Our Code Editor supports code folding, Live syntax checker (for a couple of languages), cut, copy, and paste functionality, Search and replace with regular expressions

How We Build This Awesome App

We built this app with Apache Cordova. Yes, Our Code Editor free is made with Javascript, CSS and HTML, it uses the awesome ACE Editor under the hood. Surprised ?

Say what ?

One of the main Goals of Our Code Editor is to show the world what mobile web based applications are capable of, even not being native.

Our Code Editor Works better with Hacker's Keyboard

Our Code Editor has problems with the keyboards of some devices. Download the Hacker's keyboard App to improve your coding experience.

Hacker's Keyboard

This application was created by Our Code World, that means just me, Carlos. If you're a developer that looks for solution of problems about programming or tutorials in Internet then probably you know what's all about.

Feel free to contact with me directly in Twitter, see my open source projects on Github or see my Stack Overflow profile.

People behind this app

Our Code World

Programming tutorials

Carlos Delgado

Enthusiast frontend and backend developer
  • It's free and it will be forever
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