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Top 5: Best Image Color Extraction JavaScript and jQuery Plugins

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Top 7: Best Free UI Frameworks for Mobile Development

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Top 10: Best Premium Bootstrap 4 admin templates

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Top 10: Best Premium Joomla Web Hosting Services Templates

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How to crack different hasher algorithms like MD5, SHA1 using findmyhash in Kali Linux

Learn how to find the real string of a hash created by different hasher algorithms like md5,sha1 and sha256 with findmyhash.


How to perform a Man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack with Kali Linux

Learn how to perform a Man in the middle attack with arpspoof, driftnet and urlsnarf in Kali Linux


How to display a scroll progress bar in your website using PrognRoll and jQuery in JavaScript

Learn how to display an awesome progress bar in the top of your document that displays the read progress (scroll) of the document.


How to merge an Image into a QR Code in JavaScript

Learn how to create an artistic QR Code with qart.js by mergin an image on it.


How to scan a Website or IP address for Virus, Malware and Phishing using Automater in Kali Linux

Learn how to scan a website (a given URL) for Virus using Automater.


How to list Directories and Files of a Website using DirBuster in Kali Linux

Learn how to brute force directories and files names on a website or web application.


How to create a screenshot of your website with JavaScript using html2canvas

Learn how to create a screenshot of the document with Javascript using the awesome html2canvas library.


How to enumerate webserver directories using Nmap in Kali Linux

Learn how to enumerate the directories from a web domain or IP address of a server with nmap


Visual Studio 2017: IDE0006 Compiler Error encountered while loading the project

Learn why the IDE0006 warning is triggered and how to trace the cause of the error.

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Recommended Voice commands with Javascript

Artyom.js is a robust and useful wrapper of the webkitSpeechRecognition and speechSynthesis APIs written in Javascript. Besides, artyom allow you to add dinamically commands to your web app (website).

Artyom is constantly updated with new gadgets and awesome features, star and watch this repository to be aware of artyom updates.

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