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Top 10: Best Premium Bootstrap 4 admin templates

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Top 7: Best free code editors apps for Android

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Top 7: Best free IDEs for Java Programmers

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Learn how to solve and learn why this error happens while you try to implement FOSUserBundle in a new project.


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Learn how to convert markdown to HTML directly in the Browser with Javascript and no external requests.


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Learn how to create a scanning application with C# in WinForms


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Learn how to create music sheets (render music notation) in Javascript easily using the VexFlow 2 library.


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Learn how to internationalize your react application.


How to create a global module for Node.js properly

Learn how to create your first global module (your toolkit module) easily for Node.js


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Learn how to add a funny easter egg to your website with Javascript


How to know if your application is running in cordova or a web browser

Learn how to detect if your application is running in the browser or is using cordova in a device.

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Recommended Voice commands with Javascript

Artyom.js is a robust and useful wrapper of the webkitSpeechRecognition and speechSynthesis APIs written in Javascript. Besides, artyom allow you to add dinamically commands to your web app (website).

Artyom is constantly updated with new gadgets and awesome features, star and watch this repository to be aware of artyom updates.

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