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Top 10: Best Premium Joomla Medical & Healthcare Templates

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Top 5: Best Javascript Promises Polyfills

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Top 20: Best responsive and open source html email and newsletter templates

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Top 5: Best code editor plugins written in Javascript

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How to convert a base64 image into a image file and upload it with an asynchronous form using jQuery

Learn how to convert a base64 string of an image into a file to upload with an asynchronous javascript form to the server


How to install and setup PrestaShop using Xampp in Windows

Learn how to install and setup PrestaShop locally for test purposes in Windows easily.


How to get the the context within a Cordova Plugin in Android

Learn how to retrieve the context for a cordova plugin in Android


How to open Android Settings programmatically with Java

Learn how to open dinamically the settings of Android in your app easily


How to check if a Javascript promise has been fulfilled, rejected or resolved

Learn how to check the status of a javascript promise easily


How to create a transparent window with Electron Framework

Learn how to create a transparent window with Electron Framework easily


How to solve PHP cURL Warning: curl_set_opt_array(): CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION cannot be activated when an open_basedir is set

Learn how to deal with the tedious CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION issue using cURL in PHP


Implementing a free touch Joystick for your game in Phaser.js

Learn how to implement an useful and free touch joystick in mobile devices for Phaser.js


How to set ACE editor mode according to the file extension of a file

Learn how to set the programming language of ACE editor according to the file extension of your file.

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Recommended Voice commands with Javascript

Artyom.js is a robust and useful wrapper of the webkitSpeechRecognition and speechSynthesis APIs written in Javascript. Besides, artyom allow you to add dinamically commands to your web app (website).

Artyom is constantly updated with new gadgets and awesome features, star and watch this repository to be aware of artyom updates.

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