Top 5 Video Editing Software Based on Artificial Intelligence and Their Benefits

Top 5 Video Editing Software Based on Artificial Intelligence and Their Benefits

In today’s content-driven digital marketing scenario, video is the new trend. Whether it is on social media platforms or individual web pages, the majority of the viewers are clicking on video links.

When the search results contain both text and video, people are watching videos more than reading blogs. This trend is compelling for marketers to create engaging videos for the sake of businesses. 

The marketing strategy is incomplete without video content. Artificial Intelligence-based editing software is in high demand as it enables you to build attractive content quickly and easily.

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What is meant by AI-powered automated video editing software?

This software eases video editing as it is designed with complex machine learning algorithms to make the process faster with minimal effort. Through these algorithms, the process automatically understands how to make it unique so that the audience gets attracted to it. 

They don’t even need much intervention from the users’ end. Still, they will end up with impressive videos. This is extremely helpful, especially for those who are not much experienced in videography.

Although the smart, built-in algorithms do the major part of the editing, most of such software allows the users to make any changes they want before publishing the videos.

Major advantages of AI-based editing tool  

The marketing experts focus on AI tools because it is time-saving, quick solutions for making heart touching visual contents with the least effort. So, the individuals, small or top brands, follow the same path for promotions using this cutting edge technology in various ways.

1. Least effort and lesser time:

Automated processes use advanced algorithms over and over again for creating and editing videos consecutively, which is not possible for humans. If an individual wants to do it without automated software, he has to take care of each and every step for creating nice content, and quite naturally, it will take long hours and energy. But it needs very little human intervention.

2. Productivity increases:

The AI-based video editing tools have reduced the stress of content creators. Creative professionals can now make more quality videos at a lesser time, which boosts productivity significantly.

3. Better engagement of the viewers:

With latest tools like this one, the young professionals with lesser experience can even be able to come up with phenomenal videos having all the qualities to increase view counts.

4. Cost-effective:

This editing solution is extremely cost-effective. Since the automated tools enable the experts to create marvelous videos within a short time span, the amount of expenses incurred also gets reduced significantly. It is a big plus for small companies and startups. They can hire individuals on a contract basis to keep the cost on the lower side.

Top 5 AI-Based Video Editing Tools

Here are the top 5 AI and automated video editing tools for the new and expert content video editors.

1. Magisto AI Online Video Maker

Magisto software is available for desktop systems and mobile devices both for Android and iOS. It uses AI to convert an ordinary video or image into a pro. 

The algorithms search for the best parts to highlight with advanced optimization techniques. It also adds effects to make it impactful. There is a series of built-in templates, styles, and soundtracks for the users to choose from.

Magisto changes its editing task to meet the need, and based on the platform, the video will be published.

2. GilaStudio

This is an amazing AI editing tool popularly used to convert scripts, articles, and even statistical data into videos with zero human intervention. 

As a user, your task is to provide the link of the blog, article, or any text to upload the file for video creation, and you are done. GilaStudio will take care of the rest.

Text format to video format conversion is the special feature of GilaStudio.

3. Lumen5

Lumen5 is massively popular among professionals due to its advanced editing features. It can identify keywords, image positions to have a well-balanced frame. 

The power of AI with a drag-drop interface allows the users to create superb content in minutes. They do nothing but upload the raw file to be edited. Everything else is Lumen5’s job. And the outcome will make you speechless.

4. GoPro Quik App

The GoPro AI editing software is targeted at the users of GoPro Cameras. It finds the eye-catching staff from the videos you shot and incorporates QuikStories features to make it the best. 

The automated AI-enabled app is capable of detecting faces, smiles, and scenes. It also balances the empty portion and places the subject properly in the frame.

Thousands of content creators are using GoPro. So, your out of the box ideas must be blended to obtain a rocking result.

5. Rawshorts Video Editor

This new age editing tool can create animated videos along with the normal ones. 

After the user uploading the script or text, ML algorithms create storyboards automatically, incorporates special effects and voiceovers where needed. But the software leaves the final adjustments up to the users before publishing.

It contains a royal-free library of images, soundtracks to add to the content. Thus it dramatically reduces the time and effort you need to make a flawless video.    


Creating and editing videos is not a piece of cake. It involves a great amount of time and energy because just posting a video is not enough. It has to be engaging so that it stands out in the crowd. 

When the viewers like your content, they spontaneously share it with their friends and communities, which is the goal of any brand to reach more and more people. 

This leads to the use of cutting edge technologies like AI, machine learning. Although these advanced and complex tools will ease your task, your depth of creativity will ultimately reflect through your content.  


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