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Learn how to report automatically errors of your Symfony 1.4 application via email.
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Learn how to route all your traffic through the TOR network in Kali Linux.
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Learn how to determine wheter you are running PHP from the command line or from a web server.
How to protect your Apache server from DoS attacks (denial-of-service) using the quality of service (QoS) module on Ubuntu 16.04
Learn how to install QoS in your Ubuntu 16.04 server to protect it from Slow HTTP and DoS attacks.
How to perform a DoS attack "Slow HTTP" with SlowHTTPTest (test your server Slowloris protection) in Kali Linux
Learn how to simulate a Slow HTTP attack to your own server to verify wheter if it's protected against Slow HTTP attacks like Slowloris.
How to render a XML file/string into a TreeView component in Winforms with C#
Learn how to render a XML file/string into a TreeView widget in your Winforms application.
How to scan for web server vulnerabilities with Nikto2 in Kali Linux
Learn how to use the Nikto v2 CLI tool to scan for known vulnerabilities in servers in Kali Linux.
How to solve "Could not connect to the server" Mac App Store Error in a VirtualBox MacOS Mojave 10.14.3
Learn how to solve the issue that prevents from loging into the AppStore in a MacOS Mojave Virtual Machine.