Learn how to easily install Apache NetBeans in MacOS BigSur using Homebrew.

After trying to install Apache Netbeans as everyone would do in Mac through the official installer on the apache website, I faced a common issue that seems to be happening to everyone in Macs with Big Sur and the apple silicon. Even though the latest version of the Java Development Kit is installed properly in the machine (/usr/libexec/java_home -V):

Java SDK Mac Version

If I try to run the installer in the pkg of Netbeans, the following error appears:

NO JDK Found MacOS Big Sur
NetBeans IDE cannot be installed. Java (JRE) found on your computer but JDK 8 or newer is required. Please download and install the latest update of JDK 8.

claiming that the Java Development Kit isn't installed, even though with the previous command, I showed that it's installed. The problem, in this case, is the way in which you are installing Netbeans on your Big Sur system.

1. Install Homebrew if it's not installed

In case that you don't have Homebrew installed on your Mac, you need to follow this tutorial that we wrote on how to install Homebrew. After installing homebrew, you may proceed with the next steps. After installing, you may verify the version of homebrew with the following command:

brew -v

Or if you are using an ARM-based Mac (M1), with the following one:

arch -x86_64 brew -v

2. Install the latest JDK

After knowing that Homebrew is installed, you need to install the latest JDK on your Mac. You can download it from the official oracle website here. In our case, JDK 16 did the trick, however, if you face any problem with that one, download the JDK 8 instead.

3. Install Apache Netbeans

Finally, you should be able to install Netbeans easily using a simple instruction instead of downloading Netbeans from the apache website. Run the following command to start with the installation of Netbeans:

brew install netbeans

Or if you are using an ARM-based Mac (M1), with the following one:

arch -x86_64 brew install netbeans

And that's it, once the execution of the instruction finishes, you should be able to launch Netbeans from the launchpad just like any other program:

NetBeans MacOS BigSur

Happy coding ❤️!

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