Check out this short review about the setupad services and how they can help you increase your blog's ads profits.

What is Setupad?

Setupad is a monetization platform that helps publishers increase advertising revenue by offering an in-house developed header bidding solution. 

What is header bidding?

Header bidding is a technology that offers a publisher's ad inventory to multiple demand sources at the same time. It is an auction, and the highest bidder wins– this way, the publisher gets the maximum amount of money for their inventory.

How does Setupad header bidding solution work?

Setupad header bidding solution is Mediavine alternatives and is a tag-based solution, and it's implemented through the publisher's ad server. It automatically connects the publisher's ad inventory with multiple demand partners worldwide.

This hybrid solution combines bids from the client side with server-side connections without compromising the website's loading speed.

Setupad's header bidding wrapper contains the top 15 SSPs, including Google. Since the competition between buyers gets bigger, publishers can generate maximum ad revenue by selling ad inventory.

Professional Support from Industry Experts

Each publisher has its own account manager, who guides through the integration process and making suggestions regarding best ad sizes, placements, and formats. Their team of professionals always keeps you updated with the latest industry news.

Plugin to Show Real-Time Data

As a Setupad client, each publisher receives a plugin as Chrome Extension. This plugin shows an overlay on banners so the client can see the real-time data, historical data, current bids, and report unwanted banners if necessary.

Viewable Bid Optimization | Ad Refreshes

Setupad solution monitors ad viewability. Thanks to a tailored algorithm, it helps to keep the average price high when the ad is refreshed. The ads are only changing when the next ad impression benefits the publisher.

Avoiding Malvertising Attacks

Digital ad fraud and malvertising attacks are a huge deal in the industry. Setupad uses anti-malvertising software, which avoids attacks working in real-time so publishers can be sure that their site will have the protection against fraudsters.

Benefits of Using Setupad

  • Access to the biggest players in the industry
  • Already developed header bidding technology
  • Knowledge of all the layers that the header bidding solution consists of
  • Already created tags
  • Set floor prices
  • Best Ad Formats
  • Reporting system
  • The significant ad revenue increase

Can you build your own header bidding solution?

Yes, you can, but here are some things you should remember before doing it.

Small-medium sized publishers can struggle to implement this solution themselves as it requires:

  • extensive adtech knowledge;
  • accounts in each of the SSPs connected in header bidding;
  • time to manually manage and add each ad placement to each SSP;
  • expensive to develop in-house.

Personal experience with Setupad:

Recently, Our Code World became a Setupad client and i must say, that i'm quite satisfied and impressed with the results. Initially, I replaced 2 existing ad units 336x280 with Google Adsense and a self-serve buysellads, generating respectively $148 and $50 ($198 per month). Once i switched to Setupad, i replaced both units and the earning increased to $640, which means my ad revenue increased by almost 220%. I can say I made the right decision and definitely recommend Setupad.


If you are a publisher who has around 100.000 monthly visitors, consider partnering up with a monetization platform. For each publisher, monetization strategy depends on several factors like traffic, average CTR results, loading speed, quality of created content, and ad inventory.

With Setupad header bidding technology, you can maximize your ad revenue by a minimum of 30%. Try it yourself by signing up!