Symfony is a set of reusable php components and a PHP framework for web projects.

How to report exceptions via email automatically in Symfony 1.4 using sfErrorNotifierPlugin
Learn how to report automatically errors of your Symfony 1.4 application via email.
How to render and get output of a plain PHP file (non partial) in Symfony 1.4 using the sfTemplateEngine
Learn how to render plain PHP files using the sfTemplateEngine on Symfony 1.4
How to properly count all the rows from a table with Doctrine in Symfony 4
Learn how to count and retrieve a single integer from your query in Doctrine.
How to register a Twig Extension as a service without autowire in Symfony 4
Learn how to register a Twig extension manually in a symfony 4 project without the autowire feature.
How to retrieve the root dir of the project and other container parameters using a Service in Symfony 4
Learn how to retrieve the root directory of your symfony 4 project and other container parameters with the help of a service.
How to register custom DQL functions (doctrine extensions) in Symfony 4
Learn how to register a custom DQL function (a doctrine extension) in Symfony 4 easily.
How to solve KnpPaginator exception in Symfony 4: Service "knp_paginator" not found even though it exists in the app's container
Learn how to solve this exception of KnpPaginator Bundle in Symfony 4.
How to access your database (Doctrine Connection) from a Task (Console Command) in Symfony 1.4
Learn how to establish a database connection with Symfony 1.4 within a Task (Console Command).
How to install the KnpPaginatorBundle to paginate Doctrine queries in Symfony 4
Learn how to paginate a Doctrine collection using the KnpPaginatorBundle in Symfony 4.
How to create a PDF from HTML in Symfony 4 using Dompdf
Learn how to generate PDF's from HTML data using the Dompdf library in your Symfony 4 project.