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Our Code World goal is to provide thousand of people useful resources for their jobs or studies and currently is maintained by a single person. My articles are there for you when you have a big problem that you are unable to solve by yourself quickly, your time is valuable. Pitifully, a single person is unable to write about everything due to the lack of knowledge and time. That's why since November of 2018, you will be able to contribute to Our Code World moderately.

For applicants

We don't offer the writing service nor pay for writing articles, so don't try to get in contact with us if you want us to write some review of some of your products. Instead, if you want to promote it, let someone else write for you and request a review for publishing it on our website.

Alternatively if you are a company and want to promote something with ads on our website, feel free to check out or ad spots on BuySellAds.

Our Code World gets visits every month from almost all the countries of the world !

1. How to write for us

There are 2 ways of publishing your article in Our Code World:

A. Sponsored Posts Paid

Sponsored Posts are ideal for companies/developers that want to promote commercial products or services. Write your own article, pay the publishing fee via PayPal (https://www.paypal.me/ourcodeworld) and we'll publish the article so soon as possible.


  • No minimum words, article of indefinite length.
  • Unlimited images in the article.


  • A do follow link by every 200 words.
  • Theme related to programming, software development.
The publishing fee of a Sponsored post is of $9 USD

B. Guest Posts Free

Write some content for us with some do-follow links on the article that you want to publish. Promote your projects or product for free on a high quality website !


  • Expose your content as a freelancer
  • Unlimited images in the article.


  • Minimum words: 700
  • You must be a freelancer/independent writer, companies must use Sponsored Posts instead.
  • A link by every 200 words (Max. 5 per Article).
  • Theme related to programming, software development.
  • Your links cannot forward to commercial products or paid services from which you will benefit (if so, publish it as a sponsored post). Only open source projects or websites.

2. Steps to get started

Due to the high amount of applicants, we can't answer to all of them :( so if you don't get an answer (positive or to notify that you are in the payment queue) after 2 weeks, your content wasn't approved.

You will need to send us your idea/content via email (dev@ourcodeworld.com or webmaster@ourcodeworld.com) with the subject "OCW Sponsored Article" or "OCW Guest Post" according to your case. You can do it as well as a message on our Facebook page.

  1. Be concise, don't ask for permission to write in our blog, share your ideas for the article immediately, so the process will be faster.
  2. The content as attachment in the first email is optional, you can send us only the idea of your article to know if you can write about it or not.
  3. If you send content, be sure to send it as HTML or Markdown format and all the images that you have.
  4. Sponsored Posts

All the authors (of Sponsored and Guest articles) will need to send the following information for the author card at the end of the article:

  • A picture of you (an human being transmits security and confidence)/ Logo of your company if the article is Sponsored
  • A short description about you/your company according to the case
  • Links to your Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)

All the communication will be via Email or via Facebook (via the requested way). Developers with a public profile on Github/Gitlab/BitBucket (with open source projects) or companies have preference and will be reviewed as first.