Write for us and help us to help !

Our Code World goal is to provide thousand of people useful resources for their jobs or studies and currently is maintained by a single person. My articles are there for you when you have a big problem that you are unable to solve by yourself quickly, your time is valuable. Pitifully, a single person is unable to write about everything due to the lack of knowledge and time. That's why since November of 2018, you will be able to contribute to Our Code World moderately.

What Our Code World has to offer:

  • Depending of your mode (paid or exchange) you will win anyway ! Either money (paid) or reputation for you or your product (exchange mode).
  • Reach more than 250,000 unique visitors.
  • Expose your content on a worthy website.

You can write for us in 2 modes, either exchange or paid mode. You will find shortly a description and requirements of both modes.

For publishers

We don't offer the writing service, so don't try to get in contact with us if you want us to write some review of some of your products. Instead, if you want to promote it, let someone else write for you and request a review for publishing it on our website.

Alternatively if you are a company and want to promote something with ads on our website, feel free to check out or ad spots on BuySellAds.

Our Code World gets visits every month from almost all the countries of the world !

They wrote for us, join the club !

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Write for us in exchange mode

Write some content for us with some do-follow links on the article that you want to publish. Promote your projects or product for free on a high quality website !


  • Minimum words: 500
  • A do follow link by every 100 words (Max. 10)
  • Theme related to tech, development or promoting a dev/tech product, tops.

Write for us in paid mode

Earn some money by teaching/explaining someone something new about software development (a new technology or some of the categories that we offer on our website).

At the moment Our Code World can't be compared with a huge website like Scotch.io or Sitepoint, so we won't be able to pay you high amounts of money for your articles, but something is better than nothing !

Earn from $8 to $15 USD for your article (you'll pay the sending fee), the payment will be done via PayPal only once we approve your article idea and content as well.


  • Minimum words: 700
  • A do follow link by every 100 words (Max. 10)
  • Write only about code (and words as well) or something that can be used for a programmer on the Job e.g How to do "something" with Python/C#/JavaScript. No tops or about a product/library (if is your library, feel free to write about it in exchange mode).

How to write for us

For all applicants

Due to the high amount of applicants, we can't answer to all of them :( so if you don't get an answer (positive or to notify that you are in the payment queue) after 2 weeks, your content wasn't approved.
We can't neither afford to pay all of the applicants on the paid mode in the same month, so to be sure that your content will be selected, be sure to provide us with high quality content. In this way, you will be notified that you idea is great and will be in the payment queue.

You will need to send us your idea/content via email (dev@ourcodeworld.com or webmaster@ourcodeworld.com) with the subject "OCW Article Applicant - [publishing mode]". You can do it as well as a message on our Facebook page.

  • An attractive title for your article (idea for your article)
  • The content as attachment is optional, you can send us only the idea of your article to know if you can write about it or not.
  • If you send content, be sure to send it as HTML or Markdown format and all the images that you have.
  • Expected publishing mode (paid or exchange)

An example of how to apply with a basic email:

  • Subject: OCW Article Applicant - exchange
  • Body: i would like to publish an article about How to use my JavaScript library.
  • Attachments (optiona): article content and images. The attachment is optional as you can ask only if an idea for an article can be approved or not.

All the communication will be via Email or via Facebook (via the requested way). Developers with a public profile on Github/Gitlab/BitBucket (with open source projects) or companies have preference and will be reviewed as first.