Learn how to deal with post request to your api in symfony with NelmioCorsBundle.

This problem is not caused by angular, the problem is by the configuration of nelmioCors bundle which doesn't allow POST request to your api properly.

If you are facing this issue, it's probably that you have NelmioCorsBundle in your symfony project to add cors-headers, otherwise you'll get a cross origin error.

To solve it change the allow_headers property of the path to your api to :

        allow_credentials: false
        allow_origin: []
        allow_headers: []
        allow_methods: []
        expose_headers: []
        max_age: 0
        hosts: []
        origin_regex: false
        # Important api settings :
        # Access-Control-Request-Method
            allow_origin: ['*']
            allow_headers: ['X-Custom-Auth','Content-Type','X-Requested-With','accept','Origin','Access-Control-Request-Method','Access-Control-Request-Headers','Authorization']
            allow_methods: ['POST', 'PUT', 'GET', 'DELETE']
            max_age: 3600
            allow_origin: ['*']
            allow_headers: ['X-Custom-Auth']
            allow_methods: ['POST', 'PUT', 'GET', 'DELETE']
            max_age: 3600
            origin_regex: true
            allow_origin: ['^http://localhost:[0-9]+']
            allow_headers: ['X-Custom-Auth']
            allow_methods: ['POST', 'PUT', 'GET', 'DELETE']
            max_age: 3600
            hosts: ['^api\.']

allow_origin and allow_headers can be set to * to accept any value, the allowed methods however have to be explicitly listed. paths must contain at least one item.

Note: If you allow POST methods and have HTTP method overriding enabled in the framework, it will enable the API users to perform PUT and DELETE requests as well.

Then your request can be executed without any kind of problem :

$http.post('https://yoururl/api/user', {'userName': 'admin', 'password': 'test'}, {headers: {'Accept': 'application/json', 'Content-Type': 'application/json'}}).then(function success(response) {

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