Check out these 7 methods to ensure that your important business calls are never missed.

7 Methods of Ensuring that Your Most Important Business Calls are NEVER missed through Cloud Telephony

When we talk about business, every call is important and needs diligent handling. Whether you are a small business or industry leader, missing an important business call is something that you will never wish to happen. You never know which call will fetch you a million-dollar deal or help you gain a prospective customer. While it leads to revenue loss at one end, it tarnishes your brand image on others.

If your customers are calling on your business phone number and no one is bothered to answer it or line is coming busy then it’s likely that you have customers are lost for life. If data is to be believed, 90% of customers, whose calls are not answered early, never show up again. It’s a huge number and no business would like to lose such a massive customer database.

So, what is the way out?

Well, you should be glad to know that you can prevent all of this and many more by adopting cloud telephony, the most advanced way of business communication. Online phone number is one of the most comprehensive business tools that every business should own to have highly streamlined and detailed business call handling. What cloud telephony offers to get hold of every business call?

1. Call Forwarding

One of the most notable features of your cloud-based business phone number, call forwarding is here to ensure that you never miss a call regardless of the location. What this feature does is route the incoming call to any other destination. 

For example, if your team members are leaving their desk for X reasons then they can route the incoming calls of the desk phone system to any of the personal data-driven devices and answer the calls from there.  

2. Sequential ringing/ Follow Me

By using sequential ringing and follow me feature, you can route your incoming calls to multiple devices at the same time. When a caller calls up, all the routed devices will ring all the devices and ensure that the call should be answered as soon as possible. As soon as any agent answers that call, simultaneous ringing will stop. 

This feature is a boon for small businesses and freelancers who are handling business operations with limited resources. When a call comes, your landline and mobile phone will ring simultaneously ensuring the call should be answered as soon as possible. 

3. Voicemail 

No matter how hard you try, there are some situations when you can’t be physically present to answer the calls. In that case, cloud telephony offers a voicemail facility. You can set-up a voicemail on your online phone number and tell the caller to leave a message. You can set the personalized welcome message or set the voicemail instructions. 

Apart from receiving calls, your cloud-based business phone number also comes with an auto voicemail transcription facility. So, you can directly get all the calls routed in your email and reply to the caller as soon as possible. In short, you will have a hold over every call.

4. Get a toll-free number

Many callers take a step back if calling for a business inquiry cost them a lot. By using the toll-free number, you can set the callers free from bearing call incurring charges and call you without any hesitation. 

5. Second phone line 

There are cases when call traffic can be too high to handle with a single phone line. In that scenario, cloud telephony will set-up a second business phone line without asking any extra investment.

To set a business second phone line, all you need to do is download the VoIP calling app. The app will offer you another online phone number that can handle the incoming call burden of your primary phone number.  

6. IVR

IVR or Interactive Voice Response is one another major feature offered by cloud telephony that ensures no call goes unnoticed. By setting up IVR, you can help a caller to get resolutions of many solutions on their own. This way you need not have a full-fledged team to answer the calls. The callers can get the solution by themselves. 

7. Time of the day routing

Your customers can call anything without paying attention to your office working hours. What if an important call comes when your office is shut down?

Cloud telephony can deal with this situation as well.

Time of day routing is that facility. By using this feature, you can set time parameters on the call forwarding. So, say if your office working hours are 9 am-6 pm then your office phone system will ring up. If the caller calls after that then your mobile phone rings up. This way you can answer all the calls even without being physically present in the office. 

So, if you wish to have a hold over every incoming call then start using cloud telephony today and make it happen.