Discover which are the 4 Fastest Growing Jobs in the Tech Sector.

4 Fastest Growing Jobs in Tech Sector

There are plenty of reasons to get involved in the tech industry especially as a career. This field is ever expanding and for people who are looking for stability and high income, there are few places that offer as much growth opportunities as tech. However, tech is more than just computers, there are a whole host of tech jobs that people can do that will give them the upward trajectory they are looking for along with the comfortable salary and benefits they need to build their lives.

As for tech jobs, you need a variety of different tech skills. Some people thrive on the idea of building the actual hardware that goes into tech. While others are interested in software engineers. All of these require special skills and doing a variety of coursework to get these skills. For example, people who work on code – the building block of technology often have to finish an online coding bootcamp before they are able to get an entry level job doing coding. Coding is just one example though, tech requires background education to go with on the job training to successfully perform these job functions.

Here are the four fastest growing tech jobs, and what you need to know to get involved with them.

Mobile App Developer

This is one of the fastest growing jobs and that is for a variety of reasons. Mostly because of the explosion of mobile phones, app development is an area that is teeming with opportunity. Developing a successful app is like punching a golden ticket towards a bright future. However, creating mobile apps requires a lot of skill and knowledge. Coding is one of the most important skills you can have because building the programs and having them work while also having the patches available to maintain the apps is what will make your app successful.

There are plenty of areas where app development is in need of skilled people. One of them is the game sector – a game that is popular will provide a ton of opportunities, for example, look at everything that came from Angry Birds. The financial industry is also interested in developing tools to help people manage their money. This industry is projected to grow by more than 50% over the next few years, so that means learn your coding now so you can develop the next great viral app.

Computer Systems Analysts

When it comes to making sure a company’s systems are working properly or they need to be made more efficient, the person to call is the computer systems analyst. These people have the skill sets required to make sure that your technology is working in the optimal way for your company to be successful. They check the systems and procedures, making sure there are little redundancies going on so that you can have effective systems.

There are several things that the computer systems analyst must have a keen awareness of. The first is information technology. These needs of your company and the limitations that are present in the current systems are important because they determine the starting point. Sometimes technology will need to be swapped out and there will need to be collaboration with various people to determine IT needs and capabilities going forward. A Bachelor’s degree is usually required in this specific field. That said, because there is a lot of business expertise required, if you have a degree in business, that will certainly suffice for this position, and with the sustained growth in this industry, there will be a lot of need for computer systems analysts.

Web Developer

There are plenty of different things that companies need regarding their web presence, and having developers who work with web applications including the development of websites is a great way to build a company’s brand, and that is why web developers are in such demand. Web developers make sure that the web presence of the company is operating at peak efficiency. Whether it is through traditional web sites or mobile apps, their job is ensuring that the company does not have any issues with its customers getting in touch with the business along with doing business on the site. There are plenty of different skills and services that a good web developer will provide, and that will make the business that much more lean and efficient.

The first thing that web developers must do is be fluent in several different web development protocols. This is because not all sites and apps run the same way, so if you have a skill set that includes a broad knowledge base, you will be highly sought after. Another good thing about this type of job is that with the right experience and education credentials, you do not always need a college degree to get the job. As for how this works with coding, this job may be one of the most coding intense jobs out there because you are building out a site and all the relevant functions of it. This job also has high growth potential as well.

Database Administrator

Managing an organization’s data is the job of the database administrator. They have several functions in these jobs, but the most important function is maintaining the integrity of a database so that information is only accessed by authorized people and that they are able to build systems that store sensitive information safely yet efficiently. This is a job for someone who likes details and to build things because of how prized the data that is secured in the database is.

Generally, people in this position have a Bachelor’s Degree in Management of Information System (MIS) or some other field relating to computers, specifically something involving structure or the engineering of them. There are other things to know as well. A database administrator must know all different types of database languages, but the most common is SQL or Structured Query Language. Since data security is so important to businesses, this is one area that is evergreen.