Discover why your website should be built with WordPress if you are beginning a startup.

Why Go for WordPress Development If You’re a Startup?

Small businesses have a lot of concepts to keep an eye on. One of the biggest marketing goals is to ensure that consumers are educated and drawn into your company. This is how a startup drives in profit.

A website is one of the best ways to keep consumers informed as well as increase traffic and attention towards your startup. It generally serves as a great way to communicate with customers and build brand loyalty.

Once you decide that your company needs a website, though, you need to settle on a platform and development process. While custom web development has its perks, many startups can actually make the most out of the platform WordPress. These are some of the biggest reasons your startup will want to consider WordPress when it comes time to create an online presence.

WordPress Is Easy to Use

One of the biggest draws to WordPress is that it’s easy to use. Developers don’t need to worry about creating assets for the website from the ground up. Instead, they can depend on pre-existing themes and plugins. In fact, according to WPBeginner, WordPress users have access to more than 54,000 plugins to work with.

For an even more one-of-a-kind, polished website, you can also hire a WordPress website design company to help build your startup’s site. This can also help to shorten the development process. For a fast process (probably also much cheaper) you can use WordPress Page builders, like Elementor, Divi, etc.

WordPress Is Less Expensive

WordPress Less Expensive

The expense of building a website can be one of the biggest challenges to a small business in developing one of their own. After all, startups aren’t typically privy to the extended budgets that larger, more established companies are.

The good news is that WordPress isn’t only an effective platform but an inexpensive one as well. Especially compared to custom websites, WordPress sites can save companies money on development costs. This is helped along by the fact that many of the plugins and themes on WordPress are available for free use.

WordPress Is Faster

Website development tends to take a while. For many businesses, this can be a huge disadvantage. For one, it adds to the workload of the company. In addition, the longer it takes to build a site, the longer it is until the website is up and ready for consumer use. The ease of use of WordPress also makes it ideal for a shorter development period.

WordPress Is More Secure

WordPress is More Secure

With such a large community, WordPress users are constantly on the lookout for any problems with the platform. This has led to an increased watch for problems such as security issues. When these problems arise, the high level of attention on them usually leads to them getting patched shortly after their discovery. This has made WordPress a more and more secure platform to use as time goes on and the community grows further.

WordPress Is Adaptive

To truly drive traffic and increase SEO-friendliness, a website needs to be available on different platforms. WordPress helps with this by being extremely adaptive. The platform allows developers to easily construct sites that are compatible not only on a laptop or PC but for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets as well.

WordPress is one of the most popular web hosts around for a slew of good reasons. It offers a versatile and inexpensive space and tools to develop a website. This is incredibly valuable to a startup that might not have extensive funds or spare time to get a site up and running. All in all, it’s a strong choice in comparison to a completely custom-made website.