Discover these 8 magento extensions that will help you to boost your online business.

8 Best Magento Extensions That Will Boost Your Online Business

Do you have an e-commerce store built on Magento? If so, probably you already know what an extension is. As its name suggests, an extension is used to extend or add additional features to a website. This is just like the plugins for WordPress. They provide extra functionality that helps you enhance the capabilities of your Magento e-commerce site. There are lots of extensions to choose from for different purposes like creating invoices, managing and tracking sales, and more. Extensions are a real boon when it comes to enhancing your website functionality.

A Magento e-commerce development company can help you integrate varied extensions on your site. The extensions will simplify many tasks on your site. When you choose to hire a Magento developer to build your online store, the developer may add some extensions to give you extra functionalities. If you want more options, you can choose to add some extensions yourself. Nevertheless, if you are confused about which extension will prove to be useful for your site, then you can check the top extensions below that we have enlisted for your reference.

Top Magento extensions to boost your website’s functionality

Extensions solve a myriad of problems by providing appropriate features that may not be available with your existing Magento installation. Below are the top 8 extensions that provide additional functionality to enhance your site’s abilities.

1. MageMob App Builder

It’s an extension for Magento mobile application which allows e-commerce stores to create a customized mobile app for their businesses easily and quickly. You can create user-friendly native apps using MageMob App Builder which your users can access from both iOS and Android devices. Besides this, there are many other features like product reviews, product searches, notifications for admin and customers, etc that you can offer to customers with this app.

2. Delivery Date Scheduler

Modern online buyers don’t like the word ‘anticipation’ in respect to the delivery of products. If you do not want to make your customers disappointed and provide them pleasing experience then Delivery Data Scheduler is the extension for you. Once you integrate this useful extension into your Magento e-store, then you can provide convenient delivery dates to customers as well as allow them to specify their preferences. You can also choose to add a calendar view and a particular time and date for arrival that will be displayed on the screen. It works like an expert which looks after your delivery deadlines. 

3. Mageplaza's Quick Order Extension

Mageplaza's Quick Order Extension for Magento 2 streamlines the ordering process with a user-friendly interface, swift order placement, and customization options. Compatible and seamlessly integrated with Magento 2, this extension ensures responsive design for optimal performance across devices. With 24/7 customer support, it enhances productivity, making it an essential tool for efficient e-commerce operations.

4. DesignO Magento Product Customizer by Design'N'Buy

The Magento product customizer makes it simple for printers to sell personalized print products such as signs, business presents, apparel, mugs, and headwear. Given that DesignO connects right away to Magento's ordering process, abandonment rates for carts are significantly reduced.

The Magento product designer is built with module-based architecture, Pre-loaded templates, fonts, and clipart. It has extensive pricing sheets can be configured using a powerful pricing engine. This Magento 2 Product Designer Extension is an open-source software with convenient integration of API. It has all device advanced editing features for responsive design tools include text, circular text, picture modifying images removal of backgrounds, colour detection, multipage editing, QR codes, auto-fill, designs, layer management, & more. It provides a live 2D & 3D view that is accurate in size. It Support for customized items, including packaging, large format products, & more. The Magento product configurator also offers form-based quick editor for limited personalization, variable data printing option for mass customization & provides you 24*7 customer support.

Watch the video to learn more about how to install Magento product designer 

5. MageMob Admin

It is an excellent solution for those e-commerce owners who are always on the move. MageMob is a very useful extension that allows e-commerce store owners to manage various aspects of their site right from their mobile devices. They can do a lot of things with this mobile assistant extension. They can easily manage orders, new order notifications, stocks, order details and more with this handy extension even when they are away from their workplace. MageMob Admin is available in the form of both an app for Android and iOS phones, and an extension. After using MageMob you won’t run out of stock or miss out orders and will make deliveries on time.


The importance of live chat cannot be overlooked as the ability to answer queries of your customers in real-time which not only improves customer satisfaction but also helps you boost your sales. is a useful and free live chat extension for Magento which gives you the ability to provide immediate support to your customers. It offers a convenient, simple and user-friendly way to interact with your customers and provide quick solutions to their problems. It enables you to collect the email addresses and names of customers when they to choose to engage in a live chat with you. You can use this information to follow up if a customer gets disconnected. You can provide support to your customers on both desktops and mobile devices to resolve their issues seamlessly.

7. SEO Hub

It might be daunting to handle search engine optimization for a large e-commerce store. SEO Hub is a useful extension that helps you easily manage canonical URLs, meta tags, data feeds, and more. This extension provides several excellent features that also include the features that many conventional extensions lack. The additional features include a provision to add limits for notifications, metadata when something goes wrong, choose the number of products you wish to apply a template to and more. You can use this extension to make sure that your e-store gets a higher rank in many popular search engines.

8. Apptrian Social Integrator

Today, social media has an important role in every sphere of our lives. You cannot undermine the potential of social media which can bring fortune for your business when utilized effectively. Social media now plays a big role in an e-commerce business which we can testify with tons of the ads and promotions that run every day on social media platforms like Facebook. With the help of social media, you can create new potential for your business. Apptrian Social Integrator is an outstanding Magento extension that enables you to leverage the power of social media for your business. By using this extension, you can easily add social media buttons on your website at any location. You can add buttons for Facebook, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. \

9. Quotation Manager

If you don’t want your customers to be engaged in a long process of asking for quotes via emails then you offering the quote back and forth, then Quotation Manager is quite useful for you. It’s a handy tool that you can add to your Magento website that simplifies quotations. After adding this extension, you can enable your prospects to ask for a quote and you can propose a quote back from the store itself. With this extension, you can keep prices discreet without showing it to the public.

Honorable mentions

Language Translator

It is an excellent extension for online store owners who wish to provide a multilingual interface for customers. By using this extension enables e-commerce owners to provide site content in multiple languages. You can translate your content into any language which is suitable for your audience. Since it becomes easy for you to edit and translate any part of your site, you can conveniently reach a huge range of customers. Using Language Translator extension, you can translate store reviews, product details, CMS page details and more. Language is no more a problem for you with this extension.

Final words

Magento is one of the top-rated e-commerce website development platforms which is used for developing outclass online stores. While you get a lot of basic features a new Magento website, you add more functionality to your e-store by using different extensions. Whether you build an e-commerce website by yourself or hire a Magento web development company to create your online shop, you can enhance its functionality by adding the required extensions. You can use the extensions discussed above to enhance your site’s functionality.

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