Discover these essential skills for augmented reality apps developers.

7 Essential Skills for AR Apps Developers

Augmented Reality AR is one of the cruising domains in the software development industry. The demand for AR has noticed exponential growth in new app ideas in almost all major industries, especially in Architecture, Gaming and Learning. AR-powered applications are becoming super popular from entertainment to scientific fields nowadays. All major software development companies hire app developers who are experts at augmented reality apps development to simplify day-to-day tasks. According to the Statista projection, the global market size of AR/VR is expected to reach 160 billion dollars by 2023 from just $16.8 billion in 2019. This huge growth in the market value of the AR/VR market has already triggered the demand for AR app developers significantly in the global market.

If you are looking for mobile app developer for your future AR projects, this article will help you figure out major skills of a professional augmented reality developer.

What Technologies Are Used in Mobile AR App Development?

Augmented reality is a new trendsetter factor in the software application development field. AR app development uses numerous programming languages, technologies, and tools to create professional-level augmented reality mobile apps for all major OS platforms. The major technologies used by both iOS app developers and Android app developers are listed below.

  • C#, C/C++ programming languages are a few top popular languages in AR app development
  • Swift programming language is another major technology that is extensively used by the iPhone app developers
  • Java, JavaScript, Python are other major languages used for the AR-powered Android app development
  • Numerous visual development tools like Vuforia, ARkit, Wikitude, ARCore, and others are also used heavily in the development of AR-powered mobile apps nowadays

To hire app developers, you need to consider the knowledge, experience, and skills of the above-mentioned programming languages and technologies during the scrutiny of the candidates under consideration for hiring.

Top 7 Useful Skills for AR App Developer

AR app development is heavily influenced by the latest technologies, tools, and frameworks to create great user experience through multiple environment superimpositions. It requires a wide range of skills, experience, and expertise. A few very important skills for a great AR app developer should include the following.

1. Augmented Reality SDK Skills

A good AR app developer should have the professional-level skills to work with at least a couple of the most popular AR SDK platforms. A good developer should be very well-versed at a few SDKs such as Maxst, ARToolKit, Apple ARKit, Vuforia, and others. These SDK kits are fundamental infrastructures on which you can develop professional-grade AR-powered mobile applications for the desired OS platform. It is very important to note that you should decide the right choice for the OS platform that you are trying to build a mobile app for. If you are looking for an Android app developer, you should check for Maxst or Vuforia SDKs. If you want to develop a pure Apple iOS-based app, ARKit is the best choice.

2. Programming Language Skills

AR applications are developed with the help of general-purpose languages such as C#, C++/C, Java, Python, Swift, and others. Some of the powerful scripting languages and libraries are also used for developing a powerful augmented reality application. But, a great AR app developer should have full command over these major general-purpose languages. According to the latest survey information, the majority of AR-powered mobile apps are developed in C#, C, C++, and Java. So, a good programmer should have a strong knowledge of these programming languages to qualify as an expert developer. The knowledge of React Native and JavaScript is also very important for a good AR app developer.

3. 3D Gaming Engine or Modeling Skills

A professional AR developer should have a strong grip on working with the popular 3D game engines. You can also use the 3D modeling tool MAYA, which offers great features to deal with the 3D image modeling.  In most cases of AR app development, those game engines are extensively used. Nowadays, the most popular game engines include Unity and UnReal Engine. A good programmer should have powerful skills in working with 3D game engines and modeling software tools. Unity is extensively used for both Android and iOS AR applications. Strong working skills of LibGDX or UnReal Engine will also be sufficient for professional-grade AR app development.

4. Command over UI/UX

AR/VR applications extensively use the 3D images, videos, backgrounds, locations to superimpose the real images. The role of UI and UX design is extremely important. A good AR app developer should have command over the user interface and user experience (UI/XI) development. There are numerous issues related to the user experience in the AR app development such as motion sickness, input sources, and others. No specific standards have been finalized yet, so the responsibility of app developer increases significantly to handle with those UI/UX related issues. The other important matters that the UI/UX developer has to tackle include sound control, visual controls, user safety, and others.

5. Graphic Designing Skills

Graphic designing is the core skill in creating amazing graphics of the backgrounds, locations, and markers. A good AR app developer should have commands over the major graphic designing tools like MS Visual Studio, MS HoloLens, OpenFrameworks, Adobe Aero, ARCore and others. The graphic designing skills help you create a great user experience while building an augmented reality or AR-powered mobile application for any platform. Some of the SDK platforms have integrated graphics designing software tools that offer professional-level graphic designing support too.

6. Networking Skills

Translating an idea into a software application is a complex task. It requires an effective and comprehensive communication mechanism, which consists of listening, understanding, and conveying the ideas. Communication influences the outcome of any software project heavily. Communication is one of the deciding factors for the success and failure of a project. Understanding the requirements and transferring that understanding to the team is a very critical process in the success of the AR project. The major components of effective communication include careful listening, proper understanding, and effective transmission of information to the team or any other stakeholder. In the current situations, where software development is done through remote development teams, the role of communication is even bigger. So, a good AR application developer should have strong communication skills. 

7. Problem Solving Skills

AR application development is a newer field. There is little information about the hidden problems that may arise while developing an AR-powered app for a new object and on a new subject. In such circumstances, numerous problems may arise. A good app developer should have skills to deal with those problems and find out the best solution to those problems. The problem-solving approach plays a critical role in the AR app development.

Final Takeaway

The demand for AR app developers is consistently increasing for the last few years. Significant growth in the demand for AR app developers is expected in the future. To cope with the increasing demand for AR developers, people should choose the most important skills that make a great developer. Top 7 skills have been described at length in this article.