Discover what you'll need to develop and run your own social media apps.

Crafting the Future of Social Media

Starting with Vine back in 2013, social media platforms have taken a shift into short-form video creation and sharing. From Vine, it transitioned musically which was then purchased and replaced by Tik Tok. Short-form video platforms are the face of the newest generation of social media, eclipsing apps like Twitter or Instagram at the top.

So how does one cash in on this overwhelming success of these apps? Developing one of your own might seem more difficult than it truly is. Apps like Tik Tok and Musically follow a similar pattern and one that can be easily used in the creation of your own social media platform. As the popularity of Tik Tok continues to rise, you'll need to add your own flair so that you're not simply copying their success. 

Tik Tok, Musically, and Vine have already claimed the top spots of this platform, but that doesn't mean you can't use their features in your own app. Developing the next big social media platform requires revolutionary ideas and incorporates the successful features of previous apps.

Where do their popularity come from?

We've seen the success of this type of application for years, starting with the booming success of Vine. Short-form videos are highly popular due to their accessibility. It is much easier to sit down and watch a 30-second video than it is to commit five minutes to one. This mindset is common among teenagers and can be attributed to the fast-paced society they've been brought up in. 

After Vine can the success of Musically. This app was mainly used as a lip-syncing platform for people to "sing" along with their favorite songs. Dancing was common too, but these were the main focuses of the app. Once Musically and Tik Tok were merged, the popularity of the new Tik Tok skyrocketed. Singing, dancing, short sketches, and trends were now all possible. People saw Tik Tok as a new Vine with slightly longer videos. 

What you'll need to develop

Apps like Tik Tok and Musically unfortunately cost a lot to run - once they hit their peak popularity, a majority of costs come from server space. How much it will cost to develop and run your app is impossible to say as it will include many different features that vary in costs based on their needs. However, it is an investment, and if you're committed to your idea, one that will take off.

Another factor that you'll need to commit towards this project is time. Be prepared to spend around a year getting this project off the ground. Development alone will take around 3-weeks and that is only the second step of the process. Crafting the future of social media takes time and you don't want a small bug to slip through that compromises your platform. Time and money will be needed in order to properly develop your app. 

Developing an app can be difficult but having a successful developer like on your side can expedite the process rather easily. Using the success of Tik Tok and Musically can help you create the latest and greatest social media platform.

Senior Software Engineer at Software Medico. Interested in programming since he was 14 years old, Carlos is a self-taught programmer and founder and author of most of the articles at Our Code World.