The internet and its connected devices are changing everything we know about technology.

The Future is Near - Welcome to Smart Shopping!

The internet of things has transformed the way we live our lives. The internet of things is a term used to describe a network of data, and internet connected devices. With continuous advancement in technology, the applications are becoming endless. Using technology efficiently is a priority for any business. Things like artificial intelligence and complex algorithms aid in ways previously undiscovered. Here are some iot retail examples in the marketplace to give you a better idea. The uses range from phone apps and fitness trackers all the way to automated drones and robots. The technology landscape is really changing. Everyone does business. (and live for that matter!) Let's talk more about this new and emerging industry.

How is It Used?

In retail, companies are always creating new ways to engage with their customers. The internet of things is a game changer. Fitness trackers can be used to promote discounts on insurance. A company can use a mobile application to provide you customized promotions while walking around the store. Sensors are being used to create optimal traffic and direction in stores and on the roads. Hey Alexa, are you listening? Your smart speaker is definitely the internet of things. A company can use your preferences and choices to send you specialized content and promotions. This is really just a few examples of the many uses. There are companies that use iot for their stock management. Attach an RFID tag to their inventory to accurately know how much of what product is left in the warehouse or shelves. This can be paired with an automated ordering algorithm to make the process more efficient.

If you are looking to bring the internet of things into your business, make sure that you have a dedicated budget and plan in place. Data security needs to be at the top of the priority list. Once something becomes connected to the internet, it is subject to attack. That is useful advice for any of us. The scale of implementation depends on the project. Some can be quick and small. They may only require a small amount of programming and labor to set up. Others, will require an entire new platform and network architecture. This will require extensive testing and implementation roll out phases. Make sure that a thorough analysis is done on your business. The best software developers will be able to provide solutions to problems you didn't even know you had. There are companies out there who specialize in setting up commercial and retail operations. Make sure that you do your research and only work with the best, companies like Digiteum for example.

The Future is Here to Stay

From stock management and customer engagement to health discounts and cashless shopping, the industry is just heating up. The internet and its connected devices are changing everything we know about technology. So much of the things that go on behind the scenes, most of us take for granted. Take a moment to think about this the next time you are in a retail environment. A lot of time, money and commitment went into sending you those customized deals to your phone. Or, allow you to checkout without paying. The internet of things is here to stay, let's see what the future brings.