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EmailChecker Review: One of the best Email Verifying Tools Out there

EmailChecker is basically a tool that checks the emails that you send out using your primary email address. It makes certain they have no error and also checks whether the recipient's email is valid before sending your mail. Almost every company offering email-checker services comes with the ability to deploy the same overall kinds of websites.

Moreover, the applications that support online inquiry related forms, E-Commerce Checkout WebPages’, and Point of Sale or POS System Networks.

How does EmailChecker tool work?

It is essential to know how the EmailChecker tool actually functions, keeping in check the various functionalities it is equipped with. The following are some of the best-known functionalities that can be elaborated as:

Prevention of Spam

Websites that further open blogs, forums, etc., often lead to opening portals for receiving multiple spam emails. Identifying these emails is a difficult task, and most users fail at the given task. These malicious emails attempt to register your details into their websites, without your knowledge. Email Checker uses verification APIs that prevent their users from receiving spam emails. This can keep your information safe and secure.

Integrated Verification

Vendors who provide E-commerce Services sometimes, though rare, capture the email addresses of their clients during the onboarding process. Email Checker can be used to run verifications on email addresses and prevent anyone from breaching into your information.

Retention of Valued Customers

While running an E-commerce platform, one has to make sure that their clients stick with them for as long as possible. Maintaining a cordial relationship with your client is essential. Email Checker provides services that can last you a long time.                                     

Real-time Verification of Emails

Email-checker verifies the authenticity of email addresses that send you emails. This is done with the help of multiple validation tests that are carried out by the Verification APIs. Email Checker uses the following methods while verifying emails for you:

Syntax Check

It is the first step in the verification process. The companies offering email-checking services consider this as the first step. Syntax check checks spelling-mistakes in the email addresses for you and give you the opportunity correcting it before sending the mail out. Moreover, Syntax Check rules out the possibilities of Spaces, Commas, and Symbols being placed in the wrong position. It also makes sure; the placement of domain extension is correct. Check 

Domain Check

It makes sure the domain name of the email address you intend to send your mail to is valid in real-time. Email checker also runs a background check to make sure the receiver’s domain is working correctly when the email address is typed on the hosting domain. In the email verification procedure, this is considered to be the second step. 

Email Ping

This is a technique most E-commerce providers swear by. They send a reply to the first email address. The email sent out by the Email Checker is an Extended Hello or EHLO message, and then, a response is expected from the server. Once the server responds, the existence of the domain address is confirmed. This makes sure the email addresses you interact with are working in real-time.

Additional Features of EmailChecker tool

  • Response Codes: It involves Bad and Unknown emails.
  • Yahoo Verification:It involves Real-Time API along with Yahoo mail.
  • Various integrations: It involves different integration options that further involve automated batch file retrieval or submission.
  • Professional:It comprises a simple dashboard that is also easy-to-use.
  • Personal Service: This involves discussions with the staff via an automated system.
  • Documentation: This involves plenty of Github-hosted examples of codes.
  • Bulk API: It comprisesBatch API service to process a batch of emails faster, which could be large B2B lists or others.

Furthermore, this tool comprises of Catch-All Verification as well as a fast and responsive API.

Benefits of Using EmailChecker

EmailChecker tool comes with many benefits, moreover, the most known or the reason why most people use email checkers, is because of the ability to combat risks and information breaches it gives them. Some of the benefits of using email checker are: 

  • Flexible Payment Options
  • User-Friendly Dashboard
  • Easy Credit Driven System 
  • Fast Email Checking APIs
  • Guaranteed Data Accuracy 
  • Reduces Cost of Production 
  • Prevents bounced e-mails. 
  • Promotes Customer Engagement

Disadvantages of Using EmailChecker 

Despite having ample of benefits, email checker is home to a few advantages that need to be brought to your attention. The problems associated with Email Checker have been mentioned below:

  • The in-built profanity detection might not work properly 
  • The spam traps don’t always work effectively and might fail to detect spam emails in the first attempt.
  • Lastly, heavily relying on Validation checks is not a good practice in the long run. 


Multiple reasons might make you want to use an email-checker. At the same time, however, even one reason might force you to change your mind. Also, you have to evaluate to determine whether or not the service will work for you.

The Email Checker comes with various subscription plans that range from $10 to $1899 with mail checking credits that start at a thousand emails per month and can go up to two-million emails monthly.

All the subscription packs include instant access and self-service. Moreover, you can always get in touch with an expert for a more in-depth opinion and guidance.