Check out these unique features that you should inclide in your slide show videos if you want to stand out among others.

You Must Include These Unique Features In Your Slide Show Videos If You Want To Stand Out

Making slideshows is a tough task. Collecting all the information, sorting out the data, dividing it into sections, and separating it according to categories. On top of this, it is even more difficult to present these slideshows interestingly. A regular office employee might be coming across several presentations and slideshows in just a single day. How do you make sure that the slideshow you have made stands out? To enhance your presentations, you can use the best free video editing tools available, adding a dynamic and engaging element to your slideshows.

For example, when a client asks you to prepare a slideshow for a PowerPoint night that is to be showcased on social media platforms. In this scenario, you must ensure that your content is captivating; otherwise, you won't hold a candle to competitors who are delivering equally engaging material.

This content could originate from various fields, including education, science, philosophy, information, or even entertainment. It's all about cutting through the clutter. Only then can you create videos for 'PowerPoint night' that truly stand out.

Including all sorts of essential information in a one-minute slideshow or sometimes even less than that is a challenging job. But if you make use of all the features InVideo has appropriately, you can actually make quick and easy videos that your audience will retain for a long time. The features on this website were designed specifically to cater to the needs of the fast pace of the digital medium. 

As soon as a trend picks up or a new piece of information is available, you can make use of this website and make videos in no time. This will give you an edge over your competitors when they would come to your website for content first due to your fast updates. 

Here are some unique features offered by InVideo's free photo slideshow maker with music:

1. Templates

In most of the other video editing websites and softwares, the users have to start a project from scratch and initially have to import videos and media from their personal computers. But with InVideo, here is exactly where the unique features begin. 

The templates on this website are so varied and diverse that you will surely find one related to your topic. When you select a certain template, you will find that all you need to do is tweak it as per your requirement, and within some time, you will have your very own video that is ready to be put out.

Having these templates is one of the best things a website can do for its users in a world where being fast and quick in updating content is as important as the quality of the content. Templates help you save the time you might have spent on tedious jobs of putting together each and every element of the video, thus delaying the process altogether. 

They also save the resources of the company since they are not bound to produce new content from scratch. Instead, they can use the ready-made free templates available on the website and get working without wasting time and money on a new production.

2. Article-to-video

Templates are a basic feature offered by InVideo, a feature you might use for almost every video you make. But let's get to some specific features of this website that will help you. Article-to-video is one such feature. If you have to make a video based on an article, or a video to supplement the article that is going to go with it, this feature is perfect for you. 

Essentially, this feature helps you convert an entire article into a video. The first step here would be to select the article-to-video option. After doing so, you can select a template from the classifications like sports, politics, education, royal, impactful, or technology. After you do so, you will be taken to a new page where you have to add the headline of the article. 

Next comes the content you want in one slide, and after that, you can add the URL of the article along with any pictures to supplement the write-up.

Executive Reunion Slideshow

The headline here will become the hook of the video so you can get creative with it as much as you can. Enter the content of the article scene wise, as in, enter only as much as you would want in one scene. InVideo will then suggest some images to go along with the write-up that will be displayed alongside your content. 

This use of this feature not only makes conversion quick but will also be well accepted among users. Due to the rise of digital media, many prefer watching interactive videos rather than reading long articles, which might be more difficult to comprehend.

3. Intro and Outro maker

For almost all videos that one might put out on a regular basis, a certain format is expected to be followed. The reason for this is to ensure continuity in the videos and increase familiarity, which in turn increases retention. For this, many brands opt to go for intros or outros that are consistent in all their videos.

These intros could be a part of the slideshows you make. Here, you can keep the intro as it is and change the consequent slideshow according to the topic of your choice. This feature comes in handy when time is less, and the quality of the content does not have to be compromised.

InVideo has a special feature which can help you with exactly this. You can easily make intros or outros that will be common for all videos the company puts out, or you can create separate intros for a particular series of videos or campaigns. This will increase brand recognition among viewers and ensure a level of consistency in all videos. You can create one such video and save it on the website to use it for all your other videos as well.


These are only some of the features offered by InVideo to make slideshows. You can find a plethora of other options and features that can be used to make slideshows on the website. InVideo is one such free online video editor without watermark that will help you make your videos better.  It brings about a change from the other videos people usually come across and also adds a unique twist to your regular slideshows. 

By using it, you can make sure your content will stand out amongst your peers due to its high rate of engagement and will spike the interest of your viewers.