CRM is now an integral part of any successful business. Let’s see why and how it boosts IT companies rates.

How CRM Boosts IT Companies Rates

Using CRM system is vital for growing your business and making it more successful. CRM usage improves the management of customer contacts, communication, increases the number of sales and attracts new consumers.

Small and big businesses including IT companies benefit a lot from CRM features. A smartly developed CRM software that features tools can boost IT companies rates. A platform like offers all the required tools and processes for growing businesses. CRM software gives a high degree of scalability and flexibility.

How Does CRM Improve IT Companies?

CRM software is useful because it solves the main problems of businesses: ways to grow the business and achieve goals using effective strategies. Popular CRM software have been created with a thought of technology companies. Since the main thing that all IT companies require is end-to-end functionality, CRM has all the necessary features to satisfy this demand. Customer relationship management software helps IT firms to manage contacts, help with a forecast, analyze the performance of salespeople, sector, product, vendor and reseller.

The main features of CRM system provide IT company with insights on the lead-to-cash process: starting from quoting, through to order processing, reseller discounting, billings and finishing with contract management.

CRM is essential for building and growing a successful organization. It's the number one tool to grow the number of sales and improve management. With a single "hub" like CRM software, IT companies can reduce expenses and manage better team performance for accomplishing goals in shorter terms. The most important, CRM teaches how to improve interaction with customers which is the main aspect of a prosperous business. A good CRM system helps to avoid churn and reach goals by following strategies that have been developed and positively tested.

Recent CRM statistics impress and show major benefits in sales, retention and customer interaction. Below you can see some of the examples of benefits that CRM provides for companies:

  • Thanks to positive customer experience, 70% of consumers of a brand will recommend it to their family and friends
  • 75% of sales managers report that the integration of CRM software helped them to increase the number of sales
  • CRM helps to engage customers, therefore, consumers are willing to spend up to 40% more on the following purchases
  • About 25% of businesses gave experiences an increase in sales with mobile apps developed by CRM
  • CRM usage increases retention rate by 30%
  • Some of the most popular features of CRM system such as Email Marketing CRM, Calendar Management, Marketing Automation Integration and Proposal Marketing help to accomplish goals 50% more effectively
  • CRM helps to return up to $6 of every dollar spent
  • About 60% of sales distributors use CRM to access customer data
  • Mobile apps created with the help of CRM increase cash flow by 10%

This is just some of the data that proves how many benefits using CRM can bring your business and boost it.

What features does CRM software offer for IT companies?

  • Managing IT operations

A well-developed CRM system allows businesses to focus on main tasks while hosting, back-ups and upgrades can be managed by a software

  • Shared contacts database

The contact database provided by a CRM system will store all valuable customer information in a secure place. All famous CRM platforms are fully compliant with laws and regulations

  • Workflow automation

There is no need to write a to-do list since all tasks based on the goals get assigned automatically. You just have to follow the best practices and step-by-step activities to reach the goals

  • Integration with email platforms

With the help of an online CRM solution, your business can be integrated with the major email platforms including Exchange, Outlook, Notes, Gmail and other email servers

  • Mobile apps

Modern CRM platforms allow creating mobile apps without knowledge and skills in coding language.

Types of CRM Software for B2C

Before choosing the best b2c CRM to benefit your business, you should review your priorities. CRM software differs by technical functions, a company's priorities and business size.

Operational CRM manages customer data: emails, communication, queries, purchases, likes and clicks. Such a system helps to get reports on customers and improve communication with them. If you are focusing on sales and marketing, then you should try out the technical features of CRM software.

CRM systems help to budget the most effective campaign by measuring campaigns, website visits, email clicks and customers that come from social media.  B2C CRM system can be applied for small and big businesses. It increases customer engagement focusing on customer data, creating social media campaigns.


The alarming statistics and the features we have listed in this article underline the importance of integrating CRM in your IT company or any business that you own and nurture. CRM is the number one solution to engage with your consumers, improve their loyalty and boost your company's rate.