Discover why the search engine optimization is important.

Why Search Engine Optimization is Important

When someone Googles you or your business, wouldn't it be nice if they could find you? Whether you're the owner of a thriving business or just getting started, one of the most important keys to success is drawing in new customers and leads, but with such a crowded web space and so much competition, how do you ensure that YOU are the one getting found while searching?

Whether you sell items, write and post articles, or provide services, Good Search Engine Optimization can be achieved for all sites by following a few simple guidelines which are the first steps into getting your site into the top of the hits. Proper SEO can make the difference between your site being Number 1 or Number 1,000 on Google and that is where most turn to

One key guideline to always follow is filling your site with good quality content that is specifically tailored to your audience. You want your site's foundation to be specific, thorough, and give your content the deepest dive you possibly can. The more of a niche you focus on, the greater the likelihood your site will be picked up by search engines and the people seeking what you can best provide. If somebody Googles “buy a hat”, they’ll be flooded with over 2 billion results! On the other hand, if you make it known that your site sells hats that are special, handmade, and unique to you, they’ll be much more likely to find your store. That’s where descriptions and meta tags come in.

Descriptions, titles, and meta tags give sites like Google a summary of what your page contains, and is what viewers will look at when they search you. That’s why it’s important to keep your keywords and main services in those descriptions because search engines will track who clicks on what listing and viewers are much more likely to click if the words they search for are included in those descriptions. Keeping track of which pages on your site get the most views and hits could help you in deciding what strategies to focus on. While SEO can be learned by any individual, tools are out there to make getting to the top a much easier process for you. Many sites find extensions invaluable in tracking hits while keeping the process as simple as possible. An extension could provide real-time analytics that show you all the pages on your website that get views and traffic the most. For example, if you’re running an online store, services like Magento 2 related products can show customers items related to their purchases directly. By displaying that kind of data, you save your customers an entire search for products and give them more incentive to click on other pages of your site.

Good Search Engine Optimization will always be one of the most important tools in securing your spot at the top of the search results. What might sound like a few simple steps are often overlooked and usually compound together to bring in huge results, which can make you all the more successful?