Learn how software as a service platforms can help business and consumers.

How Software as a Service Platforms can Help Businesses and Consumers

Software as a service is changing the way businesses are run, how they interact with consumers, and how consumers pay for the services they need to get their jobs and tasks done. Saas is defined as a software licensing model where consumers can pay a subscription to access software on demand. These subscription models have taken off exponentially over the past several years, and the ways they can benefit both businesses and consumers make it easy to see why.

How Consumers Can Benefit

The advantages of this model are that the average consumers pay much lower prices to access software, they only pay for as long as they need the software for, and their subscriptions can scale according to their needs, so they can pay more if they want premium features, but don't get charged for things they won't use. A good example is Microsoft Office, which offers tiered subscriptions based on the software offered. You can get Microsoft 365 Personal at a cheaper rate which includes the basic essentials such as Word and Powerpoint for one person, or you can upgrade to 365 families, allowing 5 people to access the features.

Consumers also gain advantages like reduced install times, frequent updates, and full cloud integration. As everything is cloud-hosted, consumers can enjoy wider ranges of accessibility options, needing just a browser or app to start using the software. With these solutions, Software as a service subscription model has become a lot more popular for letting users get their tasks done in the most efficient ways.

How Businesses Can Benefit

Saas platforms can benefit businesses by giving a constant continuous revenue stream, and also expand their reach to consumers who normally couldn't pay for software purchased at a flat rate. The higher adoption rates usually result in much larger financial gains for the company. The infrastructure of these platforms are also easier to manage as cloud service providers and SaaS product development services take care of all the maintenance and upkeep for you, making sure that there’s a direct line from you to your service to your customers. Security is stronger as well because many Saas providers often keep entirely separate data centers to ensure that vital information is safe in the event of a disaster.

Businesses try to ensure their product offerings are the highest quality they can be to keep consumers long term, and consumers, in turn, keep supporting the business for as long as they are using those features. For example, video editing software such as Adobe Premiere would once cost hundreds of dollars by itself, you can now get fully functional with 20+ other creative software tools like Photoshop, Dreamweaver, etc. at a much lower monthly or annual cost.

While previously, businesses were conducted with a one and done customer transaction, these new subscription models have evolved that into a long term relationship where consumers and businesses help each other symbiotically, with both enjoying the gains.