Discover how you can easily find high quality online courses to improve your education.

How you can find online courses to improve your education

Online courses are the latest way to learn a new skill or brush up on an existing skill you haven’t exercised for a while. It is an essential subject as that around the world the labor market is demanding more years of study and new skills to keep your job.

Perhaps you want to boost your web design skills, or maybe crack that area of maths that you never entirely understood, or maybe you need a boost to your health and fitness. Whatever it is, finding the right course for you can sometimes be a little tricky.

Finding providers

Luckily you can make use of an online course search tool. Unlike Google, which will search just about anything, Classpert specialises in listing recognised e-learning providers. Courses have been carefully chosen and categorised for easy browsing. You are never more than a couple of clicks from your chosen course. You will also find a lot of resources such as blogs and reviews of platforms and courses.


Masterclass is a bit like the Netflix of learning. Based on a monthly subscription model, courses are designed to be easy to access, and easy to digest. Each Masterclass contains 25 videos of around 3-15 minutes each. You can watch the videos anywhere from your mobile phone/tablet to your smart TV.

Topics are typically based on lifestyle subjects such as cooking, filmmaking, photography, conversation, to name just a few. Celebrity tutors make the experience all the more enjoyable. More details can be found in a Masterclass review.


Another popular platform for online learners is Udacity. Courses on this platform are generally more serious in nature with many being developed with well-known Universities, and large corporations. Candidates work towards nano degrees in their chosen subject. Mentors are available to give the courses a more personal touch. Typical subjects available include AI, Cloud Computing, Programming and Software Development, Business, and Data Sciences. More details can be found in a Udacity Review.


Treehouse specialises in online courses related to web technologies such as web development, mobile development, and game development. With 300 courses on more than 23 subjects, Treehouse is excellent for kickstarting your career in web technologies. It also makes use of a feature called Learning Tracks that allow you to follow a sequence of interlinked courses for a more in-depth learning experience. More details can be found in a Treehouse Review.

Final thoughts

Whichever style of online education platform you prefer, finding the right course is essential. Course reviews are crucial for deciding whether to go ahead with a chosen course. Just as you would visit a University Open Day in real life, make sure to provide yourself with information before making your decision. Make a list of questions you are concerned about and check which e-learning provider is the most adequate to your needs. because each of them has its particularities. So, why not visit an online course search tool today, and discover a whole new world of education in your pocket.