Check out these 12 android trends for college students.

12 Android Trends For College Students

Today, students use their smartphones more often than ever. The worldwide lock-down for prevention of spreading COVID-19 this spring brought this change to the studying process as well. There’s no reason to be ashamed of using the advantages of your smartphone to make your education easier - be it using DIY video makers like Rocketium or applying for help to online services!

Check out useful sources we share in the article if you have access to the Internet and an Android smartphone. You can find everything you need to know about the best applications for students and nuances in use.

Here, we want to present you with 12 trending Android applications that are necessary for students. Usually, apps on the Android platform have many features for free, but if you want to upgrade each of them, you may be curious about the paid services they introduce for users.

1. Flip

Flip is a timer developed especially for students who have a problem with focusing. The user-friendly interface will help you to manage your goals and set a time so you can finish them.

This app also has beneficial features such as connecting with friends, school ranking, daily statistic reports, and focus level tracking. Set the schedule for your studying process and never miss a thing. With Flip, you can study efficiently with no delay!

2. Quizlet

If you need to improve your memory, Quizlet is the right tool for you! Create your own quiz with flashcards. Add text and pictures to every card and try to memorize essential information.

Quizlet is an app with 18 built-in languages, and you can choose to train with any of them. With Quizlet, students can prepare even for such exams as the ACT and SAT. Share your quiz with classmates and get ready for any subject together.

3. Study Tips

Every student needs more tips on how to enhance their educational results. The secret is in step-by-step instructions. Usually, students need to get support for proper research and writing from a reliable and cheap essay service. With tips on studying, you can start writing essays on any discipline with no effort. Study Tips can help you in organizing your studying process efficiently.

Create a project, set it in mind mapping, note and track your tasks, manage your time, and write down your story daily. Check your experience with a special diagram afterward. Start improving your grades today!

4. Study Music

The biggest challenge for students is focusing. Sometimes the secret is in the music they like to listen to while studying. With the app Study Music, students can concentrate on writing, reading, and solving college tasks.

Listening to the right music will help you to study well. Choose among many calm nature sounds such as flowing water, crackling fire, and other peaceful sounds from all around us. It is proven that classical and calm music can increase your concentration in just a few sessions.

5. Pocket Physics

When your main discipline among other studies is physics, you need to have this app. Pocket Physics can solve many issues and provide high-class explanations on any topic. Get your daily helper in physics and increase your knowledge.

Learn theory, formulas, and basic concepts in online or offline modes. There is no more guessing with serious studies: do your homework accurately with Pocket Physics! 

6. TOEFL English Vocabulary Cards

This app from Magoosh will help you to prepare for TOEFL exams. Magoosh is a special service that provides students with many English lessons and practices on any topic of this language.

Download a special studying tool to increase your vocabulary, get your questions answered, and focus on the most important strategies of preparation.

7. Math Tests

Practice all mathematical tasks with Math Tests. This app contains essential information that explains difficult topics with simple words. Get this tool and remind yourself of such themes as long multiplication and division, components of equations, rounding numbers, order of operations, and many more.

Pass the built-in tests and track the history of your results. Theory and functions are not difficult to understand anymore!


Have you ever dreamed about becoming an astronaut? Everyone can afford it today! Due to the latest events, NASA as an organization has become the center of attention of the academic world. Space phenomena are interesting not just for students of aeronautic faculties but for scholars of other disciplines as well. The good news is now you can add NASA as an app on your smartphone.

Get the universe in your pocket!


It is hard to imagine a more comfortable meeting tool than ZOOM today. The popularity of this program has rapidly increased, especially among teachers and students due to quarantine restrictions. With ZOOM, you can easily join the conversation or create your own on the cloud.

Set the time and send the link to your friends. When another person sends you the link, you can select which way you want to enter. To avoid awkwardness at a big meeting, you can turn off your video or microphone or select total visible mode if you are 100% ready.

10. Quiz Maker

If you are a leader in your class and you adore creating quizzes, this app is the right tool for you. Create a quiz that matches your expectation using info on any discipline. Prepare the right answer to each question. You can provide every question, both with single or multiple choice answers.

Add anything you want: every question supports adding an image or sound. Save your quiz in the special format.qcm file. It is beneficial for sharing your quiz with class.

11. Squid

Empower your productivity by organizing your notes. Squid helps every student to work with digital documents by adding handwritten signs. You can also use it for any topic, such as math equations, and explain it as a teacher on the board.

Work with many different tools and take advantage of key features. All of your writing and pictures made in Squid are vectors, which means you can easily transform them without quality loss.  

12. My Study Life

This app is a universal planner for students. My Study Life can make an ordinary organizer into an inspiring time-management tool. This is a service that helps students to integrate all spheres of life into one platform.

Separate your to-do list, college diary, and classes by colors in a table. Here, your calendar will be a helper, not an enemy.

Use your device smartly and study with ease!