Top educational apps for Android and iOS for students and interested people. Study easily with your smartphone! The best apps for free to make study enjoyable.

Top Educational Apps for Android and iOS

Having a smartphone is quite common nowadays. We use smartphones for virtually anything, from watching videos to posting updates on social media. This is why it should not be a surprise that a smartphone can also be used to study and learn.

However, not many know how they can leverage this technology to benefit their education. Before smartphones, if you wanted to learn something, you needed to go to the library. Nowadays, any student can use many digital resources: from the possibility to hire a paper writing service online, to different free educational apps.

Free Educational Apps for Your Smartphone

Unlike educational software for computers, most educational apps for smartphones are free. However, in some cases, the content you can access through the app may not be free. Let us take a look at some of the best ones:

  • Udemy is a free app that allows you to access different courses in practically any topic. However, while the app is free, you have to pay for every course you access. This is an in-app purchase;
  • Lynda is another app that allows accessing courses in multimedia format. However, unlike the previous case, you have to pay a monthly subscription for an unlimited number of courses;
  • Khan Academy is an app that also allows you to access courses, but free of charge. All their vast educational materials have no cost for the user. The topics of the courses are in the fields of science, math, and humanities. This is a great educational resource for students in high school or college;
  • TED is an app that allows accessing the vast video library of well-known TED Talks. These talks are relatively short, usually no more than 18 minutes. Topics are varied;
  • Duolingo is an app that you can use to learn a foreign language. Whatever your proficiency level is, this app will help you to improve your language skills quickly.

These are just a few of the several apps available for Android and iOS. Learning was never so easy with your smartphone!

Improve Your Academic Performance with Your Smartphone

Did you miss a lecture? Don’t you understand the concept? Do not worry! The solution is in your smartphone. You can find a virtual lesson to cover the learning material you missed. Likewise, if you need help with your homework, one educational app may be the solution.

What’s more, nowadays, you have the possibility of pursuing a degree online. Your smartphone can be a tool to pursue those studies. Online degrees are as good as the degrees that require your presence in the classroom. And you can even get a valid certificate in the end!