Discover what's the importance of technology in education.

Importance of Technology in Education

How often do we think about the difference between the schoolchildren and students of, let's say, the middle of the 20th century and those we have now? We can say without the shade of doubt that these are different people even though their age is more or less the same, yet the modern students look different, the content of our bags is different, and most importantly, we think and see life differently.

Our ideas about the studying processes and the role of education in our lives have changed a lot.

For example, in the times of our parents’ and grandparents’ youth, it was out of the question that all the students have to study more or less the exact same list of basic subjects at school and sometimes at the university (if we are talking about the same study programs), no matter what their personal preferences and interests are. Whereas, in the modern days the study plans are often tailored individually for everyone, and our opportunities to study what we like the way we like it are very much increasing every day because of technological progress. Especially, when it comes to prioritizing our tasks. Unlike decades ago, modern students have the chance to leave the less relevant or too complicated IT assignment help they are not sure they can complete to the professional essay writers.

How Did Our Study Routine Generally Change Due to Technological Development?

Have you ever imagined how student life used to look like about 50 - 60 years ago?

In some ways, we are sure it was awesome, and there were lots of ways to entertain yourself between the classes, yet another aspect of the student life was the actual studying, and that used to be a lot harder than we could ever imagine.

To begin with, let us mention that unlike us,  students of the past had to study many generally-oriented subjects. Moreover, they had to make all the lecture notes manually, and the lectures had no visual presentation for a better understanding of the issue. All the assignments had to be written manually along with reports and term papers. Research making used to be the living hell for everyone since every book was to be found in the library, which could be quite a tough thing to do.

For us,  modern students, all we have just mentioned sounds unreal. Believe it or not, but today you can find a lot of students who have never been to the actual library, they get all their reading materials online,  as well as their lectures and home assignments. However, we are not quite sure it is a good thing since quite often the library is not just about the books you can find there. There are actually many libraries in the world that are worthy of attention in their own right so much that a visit there is included in many guided tours. For example, the Wren library of the Cambridge University or The National Library of Spain, and many others.

What Does Our Typical Day at School Look Like Right Now?

Unlike, our predecessors we are lucky to study at modern schools and universities where you can choose some of your subjects and organize your study routine the way you want. We can make our notes manually or use the laptop, tablet, or even a smartphone for those purposes. Thanks to technological progress, many students manage to work and build a successful career along with academic studying.

Basically, the study conditions we have now are an unprecedented luxury as we can study and work on the go. Most of the study materials we use are online as well as our work assignments. We can go to the park and work on our projects there when we feel the need for fresh air, or take a plane to go to the other part of the planet when we are tired of the routine.

The New Level of Time Management Thanks to Technology

With everything mentioned above, we can surely say that our life became a lot easier thanks to the technology. It does many tasks instead of us, including browsing the information, checking our vocabulary, punctuation and grammar mistakes, taking care of our schedule and  reminding us about important things, and helping to prioritize our tasks. What is even more important, it lets us work on our assignments from every corner of the world.

For example, when you visit a manicure salon or the hair salon, hardly will you see a client there who would not read or work on something using their smartphones, tablets, or laptops. You can notice the same thing in airplanes, fitness centers, beaches, and many other places you would never expect someone to work at.

Some Say It Is Bad…

As you can see, the reality we live at is totally different from the one there used to be several decades ago. Older people often complain that modern education does no good for the society, and it would all work a lot better with the prohibition of using any technological devices. We can not say that we agree with this  statement. It may not be wise to deny human evolution in any aspect. We live in the world of accessible education and self-education, where women can vote and wear jeans, while men can stay at home raising the children, and all of them can study and work online, making their life a lot more interesting and easier.