Discover these 7 tips that may increase your productivity as a developer.

7 Productivity Tips for Developers

Computer nerds will tell you that “Behind every good program is a frustrated programmer.” And the truth can’t be far from it.

Developing a high-quality code while staying productive all day long can be exceedingly difficult. Not every line of code you write will come easy, and at times, you’ll find yourself scratching your head as you try to wrap your mind around a vexing code.

Due to the byzantine complexity of software development projects, maintaining focus and productivity is critical.

But how do you maintain productivity in such a complex and tech-centric industry? In this article, we will discuss some handy tips that will help to enhance developers’ efficiency while boosting their productivity levels.

1. Find the Best Code Editor

Your productivity as a developer rests on the quality of your source code editor.

A good code editor will speed up the typing of source code, making you more efficient and productive. A bad code editor will add to the bulk of challenges inherent in coding, making you want to give up along the way or take unnecessary breaks.

When choosing the best code editor, it’s important to first consider your goals and needs. For instance, if you want to use your own code snippets and/or keyboard shortcuts, consider a code editor that will let you add or import them.

2. Use Smart Tools

It’s a well-known fact that developers are very smart.

We don’t want to dispute that. But being smart doesn’t necessarily make you productive. That said, you may want to use some smart tools to increase your development speed and be more productive. It just makes your life easier.

For example, this article was proofread with Grammarly. It just makes it easier for me to identify and correct typos and other grammatical errors.

The same applies to developers. There are a ton of smart tools you can use to increase your coding speed and be more productive. These include an IDE (Visual Studio), smart code editor (Sublime), and general productivity tools like Todoist. For instance, a smart IDE will accelerate your development pace while making it easy for you to highlight typos with syntax highlighter.

3. Automate Tasks

Automation is critical for any development project. It enables you to focus more on the most important tasks by taking care of the small, monotonous ones. To boost your productivity levels, start by automating tasks.

For example, let’s say you want to migrate data into the database or maybe compile code. Typing command every time is not just monotonous but also time-consuming and this can negatively impact your productivity.

Rather than typing command every time you’re performing such tasks, it would be faster and more efficient to write a script that will automate them. Another area you can apply automation is in the gathering and extraction of data.

While testing applications, modern developers are often limited by their knowledge of solving big data problems. At times, they may need to analyze large volumes of codes or data and extract only the parts that are important to them.

Rather than doing it manually—which can be time-consuming, a smart developer could use a web scraping tool to automate the process and make the extraction of data easier. For information on the best web scraping tools on the internet, check out this article.  Also, automatic email address validation for web form submissions would mean a huge decrease in work load, later on when maintaining a web project.

4. Manage Distractions

Facebook, Instagram, Chat, and Email can distract even the most dedicated developer. Getting rid of these distractions will no doubt make you more productive.

Distractions are a real threat to productivity. According to a recent Udemy survey, 3 out of 4 workers admit they always feel distracted when working. A whopping 80% of the respondents quoted chatty coworkers, technology, and office noise as the top culprits.

Developers are no exception but are most likely to be distracted by anything technology related. So how do you manage these distractions?

Switch off notifications or disconnect your smartphones from the internet when working. Also clear the clutter from your workstation as a cluttered desk will most likely distract you, especially when fatigue sets in.

5. Invest in Better Devices and Software

Your working tools will largely affect your productivity.

For instance, if you’re using an old laptop running outdated or not so powerful graphics card, like the Mobile Intel® 4 Series Express Chipset Family with a 2GB RAM, you can expect it’s speed and performance to bog you down.

Being a developer, it’s important to stay current with the latest technology and operating systems that can potentially increase your productivity. That said, consider buying a MacBook if you want a bump in productivity.

If MacOS is not your cup of coffee, you can still get a powerful PC with at least a Core i5 processor and NVIDIA graphics. On the software front, consider using productivity apps like TimeCamp for tracking time and CodeCharge Studio for developing dynamic, bug-free websites.

6. Write It Down

Notepads, to-do lists, sticky notes, Google Sheets—it doesn’t matter what you use. Find a method that works for you and jot down any important point that hits your mind.

As mentioned earlier, developers’ projects are by nature complex and it’s easy to forget details. Writing down notes and any important point that pops in your mind can help you to remember details and stay organized all the time.

As a developer, your typical day will involve handling multiple tasks and it’s easy for some tasks or details to slip through your fingers. That’s why it’s important to take notes.

7. Don’t Forget Proper Sleep

Just because you have a $20,000 project doesn’t mean you should work round the clock. Get enough sleep! It helps to relax your creative mind and give you fresh ideas.

Lack of sleep (or enough of it) can hamper your productivity to a great extent. Additionally, it can affect your overall health and make you susceptible to serious medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart diseases.

The Bottom Line

It’s important to remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Similarly, the benefits of your productivity efforts will manifest with time.

We hope this article will make you more productive when working on your development projects. Feel free to comment and share.