Discover what is a Chat SDK and what are its best features.

Chat SDK or Software Development Kit allows you to add instant messaging on your Android or iPhone app. From building your very own Slack alternative to starting a simple live-chat web app, this software kit helps you with everything that can make instant messaging easier.

In fact, it also comes with message attachments, Giphy integrations, and powerful slash commands to make your web chat experience more engaging. It gives your users the freedom to communicate instantly, thus giving you an opportunity to build a community slowly and steadily.

What makes Chat SDK different?
Three things separate Chat SDK from any other software development kit:

  • First of all, it is an open-source platform and doesn't cost a dime. It gives you full information about your users' data and end-to-end control of all the codes involved in the setup.
  • It comes with a quick integration facility where you get a complete UI framework. The demo also helps you understand how to make the most of this kit efficiently.
  • It offers modular architecture for advanced users to customize their UI framework.

You can consider Chat SDK as the origin of almost every type of program that modern user usually use to interact with, for example, chat SDK from CometChat provides text chat, video calling and much more. From the live chats on video games to the quick messaging option on your web browser, almost everything works on Chat SDK.

Features of Chat SDK

1. Public rooms

You can create public rooms using Chat SDK. There are tons of in-built themes that you can assign for different chats. This helps to know beforehand what the topic of discussion is about.

2. Private and group chats

Apart from public rooms, you can also create private and group chats using this software development kit. There's no capping on the number of private chats or the group size. You can even convert private chats into group chats by inviting the respective user into the group.

3. iOS and Android

Chat SDK works seamlessly on both iOS and Android. Both the versions of this software are completely inter-compatible right from the start. There's no need to update your version.

4. Flexible login

You can not only log in as an admin from your Twitter, Facebook, or email address but also anonymously. All you need to do is authenticate your existing server with a custom authentication system.

5. Push notifications

You get out-of-the-box push notifications, meaning you will never miss any message from any of your private or group chats. It also allows you to customize your favorite push notification provider by setting different tones or allowing automatic media downloads.

6. Multiple message types

Chat SDK also supports image, audio, location, text, and video messages. Additionally, you can also integrate a chat with your favorite message type. For example, you may add stickers, GIFs, or quick quiz messages.

7. Scalable

Chat SDK allows you to scale your growth every week, month, and year. It already has users with millions of downloads under their belt. These customers are supporting more than 100,000 daily users without encountering any problem.

8. User profiles

Don't want your users to have standard profiles with just their name, contact number, email, and avatar? You can extend the profiles by integrating them with custom metadata for each user.

9. Message backup

The first thing that may come to your mind if you accidentally lose your phone is whether you will get all your messages back. Fortunately, all your messaging history gets stored in Chat SDK's cloud. This means you can get each and every chat back once you log in with your authenticated email id. It will give you an option to resynchronize everything from cloud. Just follow the instructions, and you will find the messages back in your inbox.

10. Money-back guarantee

Chat SDK has a two-week money-back guarantee if you don't like working with the software kit. Please make sure you send them an email within two weeks so that they can process your refund. Sometimes the codes in this software may not fit well with your project. In that case, you can always ask for a full refund.

11. Full source code

The kit comes with complete source code for every license holder. The developers make sure that the source code is well-documented, and users don't have to face any complications while modifying them.

12. Full access data

You have a complete end to end control over the app. It allows you full access to your server's source code, message data, and client source code.

Apart from these amazing features, Chat SDK also surprises users with tons of free and premium extensions that allow you to extend a chat's functionality.

Chat SDK is undoubtedly one of the best software development kits you will ever come across. Its unmatched functionality and ease of use keep it way ahead of its competitors.