Learn how to print the border of an unfilled square with a symbol or asterisks in PseInt.

How to print the border of an empty square with asterisks in PseInt

For many exercises of practice and understanding on cycles defined in programming, you will need to do exercises that although they have no real life implication are quite useful to understand the cycles in their entirety. One of the most common is to create the figure of a square, however without filling, only its edges. This can be achieved with a cycle within another cycle easily and using the instruction Escribir Sin Saltar in order to print characters in a row on the same line:

Algoritmo BordeCuadrado
	Definir numeroLados, contador Como Entero
	Escribir "Enter the length of the sides:"
	Leer numeroLados
	Para a<-1 Hasta numeroLados Con Paso 1 Hacer
		Para b<-1 Hasta numeroLados Con Paso 1 Hacer
			Si a == 1 O a == numeroLados O b == 1 O b == numeroLados Entonces
				Escribir Sin Saltar "* "
				Escribir Sin Saltar "  "
		Fin Para
		Escribir ""
	Fin Para

Happy coding ❤️!