Learn what are mobile hybrid apps.

What Are Mobile Hybrid Apps?

A mobile app, also termed as an app, is a personal computer application, software, or program designed for a mobile device like a smartphone, tablet, or wearable tech gadget. These devices are called mobiles because they’re small and portable enough to fit in one's purse or pocket. Thus, they’re versatile enough to be carried anywhere the user might want to go.

There are many types of mobile apps tailored to meet the needs of the users. The most common are games, utilities, social networking, and personal productivity applications. The latest addition to the variety of mobile apps is social media applications, which help users maintain their social network profiles to stay connected with their friends and family.

What Constitutes A Hybrid App?

While people are used to shifting platforms from mobile to laptop and using similar programs on both, it’s a little different when discussing the nature of mobile apps per se. These days, regardless of what mobile gadget you’re using, you could find what’s called the hybrid app.

Hybrid apps, also known as multi-applications, are a combination of two or more apps that work well together to perform tasks without the need to build both. A hybrid app is often developed with multiple programming languages that target different operating systems, including Android, iOS, and Windows. These hybrid apps are designed primarily for the operating system that it runs on.

Hybrid apps have distinct differences from typical web-based applications because they’re not limited to just one function. They can be used for various purposes ranging from accessing the internet, organizing business contacts, messaging friends, shopping, or even taking photos. Hybrid applications are unique in that they use different elements of both web and native applications.

The difference between a native app and a web app is that a native app is installed directly onto the mobile device. They are generally established through an app store. Meanwhile, a web app is not really an app. It’s more like a website run by a browser. Such sites, like React Native Mobile Development, can be accessed on a mobile device browser, too.

Two Types Of Hybrid Apps

There are actually two types of hybrid apps: the open-source hybrid and the closed source hybrid. The open-source hybrid is created by the originator, who will share the source code of the application along with other developers. On the other hand, the closed source hybrid is developed by a contracted company, and only the team of developers working on the app will have access to the source code. This would be your licensed software.

Comparing Open Vs. Closed Hybrid Apps

Whether you’re a first-time app designer or a full-fledged techie, it’s important to know the difference between open and closed hybrid apps.

The open-source hybrid is free for anyone to use. You don’t have to purchase the program or hire someone to do so. Even if you plan on selling your hybrid app later on, you will not have to purchase the program again. The source code of the application will always remain available so that you will never have to pay again. It should be noted that there are also many companies that offer programs that allow you to test your applications before you make any type of purchase.

With open-source applications, you can create your hybrid app within a matter of hours instead of months or years. Even better, you can create an application that’s compatible with the newest devices and operating systems. A closed source hybrid doesn’t allow this. It requires a particular set of skills and knowledge to develop your mobile app. In addition to hiring a professional to develop your mobile application, you also have to learn about certain coding languages.

Finally, the open-source hybrid application is more customizable than the closed source hybrid application. You can customize your app to suit your personal needs, which will ensure that you create a hybrid that will fit your lifestyle.


In this day and age of the digital era, it’s inescapable to run into technology on the go, thanks to items such as mobile phones, smartwatches, tablets, and other gadgets that are commonplace in today’s society. As our usage of such mobile gadgets increase, so do our exposure to the programs that run them, including the operating system and, of course, the apps.

It’s no wonder that there are customized apps to ensure these products work to the best of their abilities. One certain way for any of these applications to accommodate your lifestyle is with a mobile hybrid app. Developed just for you, this hybrid app is sure to help make your days run smoother and easier.