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When you go to a lender asking for money, the first thing that lender will do is look at your credit to assess the risk they may be taking when it comes to lending you the money. But if you are new to credit, there are other ways that the lenders will evaluate your creditworthiness. This is something that is important for you to understand because it is almost a guarantee that you will be in that exact situation. It is always best to be aware of what you need to know.

What is Personality Traits?

When you are someone asking a lender for money but are new to credit, the lender will use personality traits to make an assessment and give you a score. There are two big personality traits that the lender will look at impulsiveness and delayed gratification. Impulsiveness, the trait of acting on impulse without thinking, is measured in a lot of exercises within the lender assessment. The lender will use an assessment called “The Speed Match Exercise” that will let you play and make you quickly click through images and decide whether the current picture matches the prior one. Lenders have realized that potential borrowers who rush through the exercise and get more questions wrong are bigger risks than those that take their time and get fewer errors.

Lenders measure your delayed gratification, or the ability to delay something now in order to get something better in the future, with a financial trade-off module. This assessment estimates your temporal discount rate by measuring the amount of money you would be willing to forego to receive an immediate payoff instead of a delayed one. Lenders believe that if you have a higher discount rate that you are riskier than if you had a lower discount rate. The assessments are not always perfect but a lender will go through a lot to protect their money.

What Can You Do?

You may be new to credit and you want to know what your traits are before you go to a lender. The biggest thing you can do is commit to doing your research. This way you will be as informed as you possibly can be. There are ways you can find out about your traits by using a personality prediction machine learning solution that will allow you to get a much clearer picture. Being prepared when you walk into the lender’s office is huge. Another thing that can be done is to know your spending history, if you are good with money, you should be good. If you are someone who puts money in the bank only to see it leave soon after, you may have a bit of trouble getting a loan from a lender.

In the end, credit scores are important as they determine if you can get a loan and even for how much. Whether you are new to credit or you have had it for years. It is important to know your personality traits so you can know what to expect when you go in and ask for money.