Discover the most common problems that all eCommerce Business face nowadays.

Common Problems That Ecommerce Businesses Face?

Obviously, not all eCommerce businesses face all of the same problems, but there are a few that usually creeps up on everyone. If you do not deal with any of the problems mentioned, then you should consider yourself lucky!

Not only do I want to point out the usual problems, but I have included some tips to overcome the problems and actually become a better business in the long run. Let’s get right into the list and see how to overcome the issues!

Abandoned Carts

The first major problem that eCommerce businesses face is abandoned carts. This is basically when someone has added a product to the cart, and they do not complete the checkout process due to an unknown reason. It could be because they got sidetracked with something else or maybe your checkout process scared them away.

You should focus on improving your checkout process and testing out different checkout pages to see if it has any effect on your abandoned cart percentage. Also, you could use a successful abandoned cart email template to reach out to them and get them to convert!

A proven template for an abandoned cart might be the difference between you getting the sale and you never getting a purchase from that customer ever. Little changes like that could make a massive impact on your bottom line.

Competitive Price Wars

The next major problem that eCommerce businesses deal with is price wars with the competition. If you are offering a similar product as your competitor, then the customer is likely going to just buy from the business at a cheaper price. Ecommerce consumers usually are looking for the best deal possible.

The fix to these detrimental price wars is to improve your branding. If a customer knows and trusts your brand, then they will buy from you even if it is a higher price. The real success in eCommerce comes from an excellent brand, along with competitive prices. Branding will go a long way and it will keep you out of any annoying price wars with the competition.


In a certain way, eCommerce is a numbers game. The more people that you can get on your site means the more people that will buy your products. Being visible means that there are opportunities for customers to find your products and buy from you.

The key method to become visible is through marketing and doing it in a cost-effective way. It is smart to track every dollar that you see on marketing and find the channels that you get the most return on investment. If you follow that advice, then your visibility will go through the roof and you will have a way better chance of succeeding.

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