Learn how to create a project roadmap for your software build.

How To Create A Project Roadmap For Your Software Build

When you start your new software development project, you'll need to create a plan of attack and what you want to accomplish. Your project's roadmap should outline all the steps you will take to get your software build completed. If you know what you want your software to do in advance, you can map the phases and descriptions for each milestone.

Since creating a project roadmap is a critical step in software development, many businesses use an online roadmap tool to help them organize all the elements that should be included. If you want to learn more about project roadmap creation, read more below. 

What Is A Project Roadmap? 

A project roadmap consists of one page only. It is mostly graphical, with descriptive words simplifying the software’s complex elements into a few key points. It would generally contain high-level objectives, deliverables, risks, milestones, and time estimates for completion. This diagram can also reveal important issues such as cost, schedule, resource requirement, and the like. These fundamental elements are necessary to project managers to direct a project's activities effectively.

It also provides the needed information for decision making and timely feedback for the team. This allows the stakeholders to know what actions they need to take to address the identified problems in the current phase, allowing them to work in synchronization with the rest of the team.

How Do You Create A Project Roadmap?

What you show in your project roadmap would depend on who will look at it at a given time. If you're creating a project roadmap for the leadership team, you need to emphasize the strategic importance of each step of the software development project. If you want to make a roadmap for your customers, you should highlight the theme of the release and any critical functionality of the product. 

Your project roadmap should reflect the development methodology and strategy of your team. Whether you're making a project roadmap for your clients or your team members, here are the basic steps you should follow in completing this critical tool:

1. Define The Scopes Of The Project

The first step on how to create a project roadmap for your software project is scoping. This is simply a round-about method that describes your goals and objectives in the software project. By scoping out your software development project, you will ensure you're on track and you're meeting your deadlines and goals as they pertain to your software. If you want to know how to create a project roadmap for your software, then you need to make sure you have clearly defined your scope, timeline, and budget for the entire project.

2. Create A Strategy

After clearly defining the project's scope, you now have to develop a strategy on how you can attain your project's goals given your deadlines and budget. You should lay out your plans on the most appropriate methods your team should use to provide the clients with the product they need at the time they need it. This is an essential part of creating a roadmap because you need to clearly define the 'how' to lay out a realistic timeline. 

3. Identify The Risks

Risk analysis is important and an essential part of project management. It is a systematic process which determines the chances of project delays or failures. The process involves the identification, assessment, and analysis of risks to the business or project. Risk analysis is a critical step in ensuring projects are appropriately managed. 

Another essential part of the risk analysis process is studying and analyzing the possible solutions to the risk events. This involves identifying what actions should be taken if a particular risk event occurs and evaluating the feasibility of the different courses of action. These should all be included in your project roadmap so you'll be ready in case these things happen. 

4. Create A Schedule

After laying out all the needed elements of your roadmap, you're now ready to arrange them into your schedule. The schedule overview will include your defined vital project milestones, deliverables, and documentation to ensure every step is documented correctly and communicated effectively, to the proper key personnel. When creating a schedule, you can use a Gantt chart so the audience can properly visualize your timeline. 


A project roadmap is a helpful tool to guide all the people involved in a software development project, whether your team, the organization or the client. It also helps you juggle multiple projects at the same time. 

The first thing you should do is define your project's scope so you will know the project goals, requirements, and resources available to complete it. You should also create a strategy for achieving these goals and how you'll manage the risks. Lastly, plan out your schedule in an organized manner so your audience can easily understand your roadmap.