How to get doctrine query stats (information) in Symfony

Beside the default Symfony devtools that provides detailed information about your queries, you may want to retrieve this information in order to display it to your users. Inside a custom DebugStack object, you'll find information like the time in milliseconds that took the execution of a query, the SQL query itself and some more parameters.

To get this information, you need to enable a SQLLogger into the doctrine configuration in your controllers :

class myController extends Controller
    public function indexAction()
        // Start setup logger
        $doctrine = $this->getDoctrine();
        $doctrineConnection = $doctrine->getConnection();
        $stack = new \Doctrine\DBAL\Logging\DebugStack();
        $em = $doctrine->getManager();
        // End setup logger

         * Execute here all your queries
         *  $em->getRepository(...)->find(...)
        return $this->render('somebundle:myBundle:index.html.twig',array(
            'stack' => $stack

Using twig (or var_dump if you're not using twig) the dump function should output an object with the following structure :

Symfony 2 doctrine query stats

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