Tips and tricks that you probably don't know with the Github Markdown in files

Tips and tricks that you probably don't know with the Github Markdown in files

Markdown is a lightweight and easy-to-use syntax for styling all forms of writing on the GitHub platform.

Markdown is a way to style text on the web. You control the display of the document; formatting words as bold or italic, adding images, and creating lists are just a few of the things we can do with Markdown. Mostly, Markdown is just regular text with a few non-alphabetic characters thrown in, like # or *.

You can use Markdown most places around GitHub:

  • Gists
  • Comments in Issues and Pull Requests
  • Files with the .md or .markdown extension

Embedding images

There are 2 ways to add images in a file :


Use the following syntax to add an image.

![Image of Yaktocat](


Use the following syntax to add an image using html.

<img src="" title="Github Logo">

Fixed width or height for an image

To give fixed dimensions to an image use the width and height attribute. (Remember that using html will be valid only for Github) :

<img src="" width="256" height="256" title="Github Logo">

Centering an image

To center an image, we are not going to use traditional markup instead we are going to use plain html :

<p align="center">
  <img src="" width="256" title="Github Logo">

Highlighting a block of code

To highlight a piece of code, wrap your code inside 6 quotes followed by the name of the language. Code blocks are part of the Markdown spec, but syntax highlighting isn't. However, many renderers -- like Github's and Markdown Here -- support syntax highlighting. Which languages are supported and how those language names should be written will vary from renderer to renderer.

function hello(name) {


The Github Markdown support embedded emojis, visit the emojis cheatsheet to see a complete list of emojis.

:kissing: :laughing: :neutral_face:

Emojis markdown

Tasks lists

You can create a todo like list using markdown which will be converted to a checkbox list. If you include a task list in the first comment of an Issue, you will get a handy progress indicator in your issue list. It also works in Pull Requests.

- [x] @mentions, #refs, [links](), **formatting**, and <del>tags</del> supported
- [x] list syntax required (any unordered or ordered list supported)
- [x] this is a complete item
- [ ] this is an incomplete item

Github progress list

Embedding Youtube Videos

Pitifully, this is not possible till the date. However there's a little trick that allow you to create an image and redirect the user to the youtube video page.

Just replace the YOUTUBE_VIDEO_ID_HERE for the id of your video. An image will appear and will redirect automatically to the video in youtube.

<a href="" target="_blank">
 <img src="" alt="IMAGE ALT TEXT HERE" width="240" height="180" border="10" />

Or use pure markdown (without dimensions):


Do you have another tip that could be useful and we don't have in this collection ? Please share it with us in the comment box.

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