Discover which are the main features of the Unicorn Token.

Magic of Unicorn Token: What are the main features?

Bitcoin, which was the first cryptocurrency in the world, has launched a new era in the financial world. A cascade of new cryptocurrencies started to spring up and gain popularity among investors. Thus, the industry began developing in various ways. Namely, new ways of consensus mechanism appeared, and there is not only proof-of-work but also proof-of-stake; the art and game industry joined the crypto hype, and NFT tokens were created.

Crypto Unicorns is one of those games that has adopted NFT tokens as the game’s currency - the Unicorn coin. What is this, and what are the main features of this crypto?

What is a Unicorn Token?

Unicorn Token is the token of The Crypto Unicorn. Blockchain NFT collectible game Crypto Unicorns is currently in development. You can obtain as many unicorn coins as you like and later trade them for other coins or tokens, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, or you can use them to purchase crypto unicorns and other unicorn items. The Unicorn Token is an ERC-20 standard token and works on Ethereum Blockchain.

Where to buy a Unicorn Token?

Although UNI is listed on a number of crypto exchanges, it cannot be bought directly with fiat money, unlike other main cryptocurrencies. The best way to buy this coin is to first buy USDT from any fiat-to-crypto exchange, then transfer to an exchange that trades this coin. In other words, you can get Unicorns by buying and selling USDT.

Laguna - the game company

Earlier this year, Laguna Games announced a $5 million seed round to make Crypto Unicorns, a blockchain-based game. In the coming months, 10,000 non-fungible Unicorn Egg tokens (NFTs) will be seeded into the marketplace.

Transcend Fund, Headline Ventures, and Polygon Studios participated in the seed round along with Bitkraft Ventures and Delphi Digital. Crypto Unicorns and other games will be developed with the funding.

Research and game development studio Laguna is specialized in blockchain technology. A digital pet collection, Crypto Unicorns is the company's first "digital nation." It will launch on web, iOS, and Android, and will be based on what Laguna calls "community-owned game economies."

The CEO of Laguna Games, Aaron Beierschmitt, said that this is meant to be a departure from free-to-play games: "The blockchain gaming industry is booming, and we're convinced that we're on the cusp of the next platform wave." As longtime free-to-play game developers, we're keen to move away from the extractive nature of F2P to foster and develop community-owned game economies through a movement called Play-and-Earn (PAE)."

On November 15, Laguna will begin selling its genesis Unicorn eggs NFTs on the marketplace. They claim that there will be no other genesis eggs available. In NFTs, one-of-a-kind digital items are authenticated by the transparent and secure blockchain ledger.

There will be a variety of unicorn colors and appearances, and they can be used in battle games such as jousting and racing. The more you play, the more a unicorn levels up. Using multiple game types over time enhances the utility of NFT assets, according to Laguna's white paper. Ultimately, they envision an ever expanding universe of gameplay loops that are connected to the original farming loop. "A good racing Unicorn is not necessarily the best jousting Unicorn, or "Battlecorn."

Crypto Unicorns: the game

The game consists of creating funny and cute unique NFT unicorns, breeding them, selling and interacting with your creatures which are stored on a blockchain. You can also set divinity, femininity, masculinity, and magicness of your unicorn. As well, you are allowed to customize their body size, color of their fur, eyes, and horn. Age, size, quantity, quality, and generation - all influence the price of a Crypto Unicorn.

The gameplay in Crypto Unicorns is built around unique unicorn-themed NFTs that players utilize in a farming simulation, along with Jousting, Racing, and Team RPG battle loops.

The farming gameplay involves players purchasing Land NFTs. In this highly social multiplayer game, players can combine their individual land into neighborhoods. By doing so, players can customize their Farms and then show them off! As a result of the highly concurrent nature of these neighborhoods, they can be broadcasted in real-time to the entire player base.

Unicorn NFTs

The marketplace will be seeded with 10,000 genesis eggs, all of which will be sold during the pre-sale. There will only ever be a few Unicorn genesis eggs and they will form the basis of the long-term game economy. You can breed a Unicorn 8 times. It costs Unicorn Milk, Rainbow Tokens, and Normal Berries to breed Unicorns. The newly-created Unicorn Egg NFT may inherit traits from both parents when two Adult Unicorns are bred.

Three types of unicorn genes exist: major genes, normal genes, and minor genes. Major genes have the highest chance of being passed down, while normal genes have a lower chance. Minor genes have the lowest chance of being passed down.

Besides the 10K genesis eggs, Laguna Games is also working on 99 Limited Edition eggs to release over time. Due to the commercialization process, these unicorns will unfortunately be sterile due to their unique nature.

Land NFTs

The game will launch with farming gameplay based on NFTs. A player's farm is his or her "home on the range" within the Unicorn Multiverse, as described in the Farming Gameplay section. You can harvest berries and other important crafting materials on this land with up to 8 slots for farming.

The Land NFT is available in three rarities: Common, Rare, and Mythic.

  • Each Unicorn Class has a different type of Common land. In addition, a player who uses a Unicorn of the same class as the Land is able to harvest, gather, and craft more efficiently.

  • Mythic Land has only one type and benefits all nine classes! Due to the buffs you receive with any unicorn class, this type of land is by far the most valuable and rarest.

  • Rare Land is divided into three types (one for each class group). All unicorns within a class group will receive buffs from Rare Land. In this way, a player has more options for maximizing their farming operation.