See our review from 7 of the best Voice commands plugins written in javascript.

Top 7 : Best voice commands and speech recognition related javascript libraries

Thanks to the webRTC, many awesome things has been implemented in the latest browsers. Including the awesome webkitSpeechRecognition API available for google chrome, that allow you to convert speech to text (and pitifully available only for this browser till the date).

Many of these plugins are based in webkitSpeechRecognition others in the Audio API. If you're looking instead of voice commands, how to retrieve text using javascript, you could test yourself with the original google speechrecognition original Demo or use artyom.js and use the redirectRecognizedTextOutput function. Note that the plugins based in webkitSpeechRecognition supports many languages as spanish, german, russian etc.

If your user is forced to use google chrome or is a private project of yours, then check out the following libraries, i know they'll be useful for you.

7. voice-commands.js

This plugin is a simple wrapper for Javascript Speech-to-text to add voice commands. Uses webkitSpeechRecognition under the hood.

6. JuliusJS

Github | Demo

JuliusJS is an opinionated port of Julius to JavaScript. It actively listens to the user to transcribe what they are saying through a callback.

5. Pocketsphinx.js

Github | Demo

Pocketsphinx.js is a speech recognition library written entirely in JavaScript and running entirely in the web browser. It does not require Flash or any browser plug-in and does not do any server-side processing. It makes use of Emscripten to convert PocketSphinx, an open-source speech recognizer written in C, into JavaScript. Audio is recorded with the getUserMedia JavaScript API and processed through the Web Audio API.


4. Mumble

A simple Javascript framework for adding voice commands to a web site using the web speech recognition API. Supports RegEx command syntax and the CommonJS/AMD module syntax.

3. Voix JS

Github | Demo

A JavaScript library to add voice commands to your sites, apps or games. Voix uses webkitSpeechRecognition under the hood.


2. Annyang

Github | Demo

Annyang is a tiny javascript library that lets your visitors control your site with voice commands. annyang supports multiple languages, has no dependencies, weighs just 2kb and is free to use. Annyang supports continuous mode (you can create an assistant with it using https connection).

Annyang understands commands with named variables, splats, and optional words. Use named variables for one word arguments in your command. Use splats to capture multi-word text at the end of your command (greedy). Use optional words or phrases to define a part of the command as optional.

Annyang uses webkitSpeechRecognition under the hood.

Annyang demo

1. Artyom.js

Github | Demo | Continuous mode

(Brivery, Modesty? Where !?). Artyom is a Robust Wrapper of the Google Chrome SpeechSynthesis and SpeechRecognition that allows you to create a virtual assistent Make awesome stuff with this plugin, build your own Siri,Google Now or Cortana within your web application. Supports continuous mode.

Artyom allows to add flexible voice commands (match commands and wildcards) and speak text easily with just this library. Although all the limitations, artyom offers a lot of useful features that you'll find lovely because is useful for private projects that want to reach something awesome.

Artyom.js has been developed with by Our Code World, you can see an implementation tutorial here.

Artyom intro

If you think that we're passing by another awesome voice commands plugin, please share it with us in the comment box.

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