Check out this complete guide to phone monitoring apps.

The Complete Everyman's Guide to Phone Monitoring Apps

The invention of new tools has played an important part in human evolution. When early humans fashioned tools out of stone and wood, it allowed them to evolve from hunter-gatherers to a more agriculture-based society. A bit more recently, a tool called the Internet changed our world forever. We, humans, are blessed with a higher intelligence that allows us to achieve things beyond our physical means by creating and using these tools. However, the way we decide to use a tool is entirely up to us. A tool can not be good or evil. Such properties can only be applied to the intentions of its wielder.

Similarly, after smartphones became an everyday part of our lives, monitoring software was created as a tool to supervise someone else’s smartphone usage. Smartphone monitoring software gets a bad rap because it can be used for illegal purposes, such as spying on someone without their consent. However, for the most part, it helps employees oversee their employees, it helps parents keep tabs on their children and it can even help you keep track of your phone and backup data to a cloud server. These apps have become a necessity for some businesses, such as delivery services that need to locate their drivers at a moment's notice. 

In this comprehensive guide to using phone monitoring apps, I will go over what exactly is phone monitoring software and lastly, I will give you a candid review of our pick for the best phone monitoring app available today: Xnspy. By the end of this guide, I hope you are more informed about monitoring apps and if you need one, make the best choice from a plethora of options. Besides the monitoring apps, you can use the rooted hacking app as an extra layer of security.

What are Phone Monitoring Apps?

Monitoring apps used to be the domain of large companies like Amazon but, in recent years, small businesses have also caught on to the benefits of using them. With an increasing number of offerings appearing online, their widespread use today should come as no surprise. Essentially, they are applications that can be installed on any Android or iOS smartphone to remotely access the data on that particular phone. The app usually stays undetected on the target phone, and communicates with an external server, transmitting the phone’s data for you to view at your leisure. 

Phone monitoring apps come in all shapes and forms. Some are free, some are paid and some offer certain features for free while hiding advanced features behind a paywall. Not all hidden spyware apps for Android are created equal either. It is important to do your research before deciding on paying for one. Luckily, this guide is here to help you make an informed decision.

Features of Phone Monitoring Apps

The most successful and effective monitoring apps usually come with these features: 

Call Monitoring: 

One of the reasons why phone monitoring apps are so widely used is the ability to monitor calls and call data. When a target phone makes or receives a call, the app will record the time and date stamp, the duration, and the caller’s number. Some apps will even show you the geo-location of the calls. 

When you compare similar spy apps head-to-head, you’ll see that Xnspy comes with additional useful features such as analysis reports of the top 5 callers, top 5 call durations, and even a call activity punch card.

Text Message Monitoring:

Phone monitoring apps, for instance, Xnspy, give you a detailed analysis of the target phone’s text messaging activity. They can show you the content of the messages, as well as who sent them and when. 

Xnspy’s dashboard shows you the record of text messages in an easy-to-read manner. It will even give you stats about who the phone contacts the most and whether trigger words that you set up in the app were used. 

Social Media Monitoring: 

Ever since Google and Apple cracked down on phone tracking apps, monitoring social media applications has proven to be somewhat of an issue. However, especially for parents, social media monitoring is a vital feature of monitoring apps. Most of a young person’s online activity these days is on social media apps. Xnspy is one of the very few apps available today that has addressed this problem. The app takes screenshots at regular intervals when it detects a social media activity. This way, you get detailed data about the target phone’s social media usage. 

Multimedia Access:

Most phone monitoring apps will allow you to access any multimedia saved on a target phone. This includes all pictures, videos, and audio saved in the phone’s library, and even media downloaded from social media apps. Using this feature does require the target phone to be rooted, in most cases. 

Internet Browsing Monitoring: 

Monitoring internet and web browsing is an essential feature of monitoring apps. Especially useful for employers, this feature can allow you to see all the webpages and browsing history from a target phone. Employers can even use this feature to ban certain social media and adult content websites to prevent their employees from using their work phones inappropriately. 

Location Tracking and Geofencing: 

With an advanced monitoring app, such as Xnspy, you can track your employee’s location in real-time. This is particularly useful for certain business owners, such as a delivery service, who need to keep constant checks on their in-field employees. Similarly, parents use this feature a lot to keep tabs on their children when they are out of the house. 

Geofencing is another feature that sends you alarm notifications when the target enters a restricted area. You can use this to be alerted if your kids enter a bad neighborhood, or cut class and skip school. 

Offline Monitoring: 

A reason why Xnspy is our recommended phone monitoring software is because of thoughtful features such as offline monitoring. If a target phone is not connected to the internet, do not be alarmed. The app will still record all the phone’s data and upload it to the cloud server as soon as it gets internet access again. 

Remote Control: 

An advanced feature found only in Xnspy at the time of writing this, and requires a rooted Android device, is remote commands. You can take over the phone remotely and lock it or even factory reset it. This can be very useful in case a company phone falls into the wrong hands. You can protect your data by remotely accessing the phone. 

So What Makes Xnspy Better Than the Rest?

Xnspy comes with all of the features mentioned above and many more. The app itself is very simple to install and use. It even comes with a user-friendly UI and the dashboard lets you use most options in a self-explanatory way. Xnspy tracks all phone activity, and even keeps time and date stamps, giving you a complete data profile of the monitored user’s cell phone use. The app’s real-time location tracking is accurate and dependable. It will quickly show you the location of the target phone, accurate to a few meters. 

One of the best thing about Xnspy is the affordability. While the competitors don’t even come close to offering the number of features that Xnspy does, they still charge exuberant subscription fees. On the other hand, you can get Xnspy for as little as $4.99 a month. Another thing that sets Xnspy apart from the competition is the ability to monitor social media applications. A feat that is easier said than done. Xnspy is one of the very few monitoring apps that has found a work-around for the new Android and iOS privacy features. 

If you look for customer reviews about Xnspy on the internet, the 24/7 live customer support post-sales comes up a lot. A lot of satisfied customers tout the app’s customer service. They can even guide you through the installation process or have a technician do it for you. To help you decide whether the app is the right fit for you, you can even experience a live demo on their website before purchase. 

Installation Process:

Xnspy’s installation process is simple and easy for both Android and iOS. For Android, you will need to download the APK and run it on the target phone. In the next step, you have to provide the app with the necessary permissions. After that, you are done. The app will run undetected on the phone and start sending you data within a day or two. 

For iOS, the process does not even need you to have the target phone. You just need their iCloud password, enter it, and the app will make a copy of their iCloud data and send it to you.

Final Verdict:

Xnspy does lose a few points for not having a free trial version like most of its competitors. And some of the advanced features it boasts only work on rooted Android devices. But all in all, we could not find a better alternative than this monitoring app. Whether you are a concerned parent or a business owner, Xnspy monitoring software has your needs covered.