Discover these 4 ways to make online learning way more engaging.

4 Ways to Make Online Learning More Engaging

Teaching online requires you to have wholly different skill sets compared to those used while training or teaching in person. Learners can get sidetracked where they are expected to pay attention the most as they are surrounded by possible distractions while learning online.

No one predicted the pandemic and the spread of COVID-19, which has resulted in several challenges. The closure of educational institutions and various organizations has tasked the teachers and trainers to move to online teaching.

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Here are the four simplest ways how you can make online learning more engaging:

1. Keep it Interactive

Empowering and interacting with the learners is the key to keeping them engaged. Create a story-based scenario where you can tell a story and ask questions with the learners, make them play games and ask them to take part, give them a problem and ask them to discuss and say something every 3-4 minutes. This activity will keep the learners on their toes and be attentive all the time. Create quizzes and games around the topic which will help them retain more information. Encourage the learners to leave and share feedback.

2. Keep a mix of Audio-Visual and Text Content

Every learner absorbs different information differently and acknowledges it differently. Someone might understand a concept by reading and so, where else someone might comprehend the same concept when it is presented in a video form. Voiceovers will help in activating the hearing sense as the effect of audio cannot be ignored. This will help in engaging the learners more as they will not have to go through the heavy text frequently and still be updated. One can keep the element of surprise alive by bringing in guest speakers so the learners do not get tired of looking at the same face every day.

3. Value and be patient with every learner

Value every learner; encourage them to contribute their knowledge in the session. Use the learners’ first names throughout the session and make sure they know yours. Trainers should learn about the learners’ interests and incorporate them into the sessions wherever possible. Follow up on the previous lessons so that both the parties are on top of what they are learning. Be patient with your learners; it is not easy to keep them engaged all the time, hence it is essential to give them a break to revive. Spend time listening to your students and getting to know them personally which will encourage them to reenter the next session.

4. Engage directly and present your best self

Make sure you eliminate any background distractions. Turn on your camera and engage directly with your students and learners, ensure you look directly into your camera which will help in a motivating personal connection. Do not sit too close or too far from the camera. Make sure you look presentable and so does your background. Create clean and clear slides with excellent quality audio. The internet connection must be reliable. Students tend to switch off or cut down on sessions due to bad internet connections.


Creating meaningful and engaging teaching formats and connecting directly with the learners helps the course become more valuable and successful. Make sure you ask for feedback or questions as this will ensure the learners that their feedback matters.