Discover where are the voice memos recordings stored on MacOS.

Where are Voice Memos recordings stored on MacOS?

After years of being a Windows users, MacOS has been a different world for me in many aspects. One of those stupid things that I was unable to solve by myself within seconds, was just how to know where are the voice memos stored in the computer using the Voice Memos application of MacOS, as apple doesn't make it easy for the user find the audio files of the memos through the same application (which is kinda silly if you ask me).

The answer, after some research, is quite simple, the recordings are stored in the folder inside of the ~/Library/Application Support directory. The directory is relative to your current user directory. This means, for example if your user is sdkcarlos, then the recordings are stored in the following directory:

/Users/sdkcarlos/Library/Application Support/

You can easily open this directory through the terminal with the following command using the current logged user:

open ~/Library/Application\ Support/

This will launch the finder in the directory where the recordings are stored in the .m4a format (Apple MPEG-4 audio):

Voice Memos Files

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