Check out these notes and fees for the CCNA certification exam.

Cisco's professional qualification certificate has always been known as the "through train to high salary" around the world, which shows that its high value is recognized by many employers. Passing Cisco certification means that you will join the ranks of network professionals who are recognized and respected by the industry. With a Cisco certificate, the chance of success is much higher. Most readers know little about CCNA certification. Here, SPOTO will share with you the experience in taking part in the process of certification, training, teaching and engineering.

1. Whether it is necessary to take part in CCNA certification training?

There has been a lot of debate on this issue. Candidates should treat it differently according to their own situation.

If you are a college student or have never been in contact with real routers and switches, it is recommended that you participate in the training. Otherwise you won't even know whether the router is square or round, and you will become a real paper CCNA.

If you are a network engineer with rich practical experience, you can complete CCNA certification through self-study. The key is to choose a CCNA textbook which is systematic and in-depth, and closely combines theory and practice. The CCNA Certification Guide is a very good CCNA textbook for self-study and training. Readers can collect relevant introductions and comments on the Internet. 

Although it is manageable to pass CCNA certification(check this training) through self-study, self-study may make you lose the ability of practical operation or in-depth understanding of knowledge. If you continue to learn for CCNP certification and CCIE certification, self-study will consume a lot of time. If conditions permit, it is recommended to take Cisco certification course. The training fee of about 153 US dollars is not expensive compared with the time spent on self-study of CCNA. In particular, some Cisco training institution also provide applications for exam discount numbers, and the CCNA 200 301 exam fee of 250 US dollars can enjoy an 80% discount. 

How to choose the proper training institution?

If you want to participate in the training, finding a good training center is the preliminary task. How to make a good choice?

First, consider the cost. The training cost of CCNA certification is generally about 153 US dollars. But in some training institutions most of which are Cisco network technology colleges in universities, qualified students can apply for the discount of CCNA exam fee after formal training, and the CCNA exam fee of 250 US dollars can be discounted by 80%, that is, about 50 dollars.

Secondly, consider the qualifications of training institutions. It is best to choose an institution with training history like SPOTO. What exists is reasonable. Since it can exist for many years, it must have real strength. Generally speaking, it is difficult for beginners to understand the knowledge through participating in the training only once. It is suggested to choose a training institution that permits students to listen to the course again and provides students with the experimental environment.

Thirdly, consider the teacher's teaching level. It is best to choose teachers with more engineering experience, preferably CCIE lecturers. But we should also pay attention to the teacher's ability to teach. 

Finally, choose the right learning materials. Some foreign textbooks are not necessarily suitable for Chinese readers because there are great differences after translation. It is recommended to choose The CCNA Certification Guide which is different from traditional textbooks.