Learn how to easily obtain the admin URL of aapanel through the CLI in your server.

How to obtain the admin URL of aapanel from the CLI

After trying aapanel, for sure I won't be using other paid tools such as Cpanel or Plesk, as aapanel offers a lot of tools to set up some websites up and running in no time, using the classic stuff such as PHP, MySQL, Apache or Nginx and ftpd.

One of the most common situations that you will find when you setup aapanel on a new server, is that you will obtain the admin URL address once the setup of aapanel finishes, however it could happen that you lose the address because maybe you didn't read the output or just forgot to write it somewhere.

In case that you find yourself in this situation, you can easily obtain the admin URL through the CLI using the following command:

bt default

Of course, you need to be logged via SSH to your server to run this command, so I hope you have access at least to your server via the SSH protocol 🤭.

Happy coding ❤️!

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