Discover the top software developer skills to learn in 2022.

Top Software Developer Skills to Learn in 2022

Information technology is booming! It’s the most potent and fast-growing field that is finding its way into every aspect of our professional and everyday lives.

Computer technology may have started as a means to decipher coded Nazi radio

transmissions, but being such a workable concept, it has quickly branched out and evolved in many specific directions, to the point where you can now buy drones with thermal vision and jump ropes that count the number of jumps.

It makes all the sense to engage in this prosperous and promising field as your career choice, but the technology industry, being so widely applicable, has many options on offer. So how do you make the right choice? Here’s where we come in, with our list of top software development skills to learn in 2022.

Learn basic programming languages

Never try to run before you can walk. Many future programmers try to cut corners and jump straight to complicated things without understanding the basic working principles of coding.

But programming is not just about formulaic operations and repetitive sequences; it’s also about being creative and adaptive in your work.

So if you are a beginner, you must start with the basics. HTML and CSS are the two basal coding languages used for building websites. These are the main building blocks of coding that need to lay at the base of your knowledge. Unsurprisingly, there are tons of online resources and materials you can use that can familiarize you with both.

Here are some other basic coding languages you should look at :

  • Javascript
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Java
  • C
  • C ++

Front-end development

Front-end development concerns itself with all the visuals of a website. That includes graphics, buttons, links, animations, layout, and styling.

Packaging matters! That’s what gives off the first impression and forms the basis of someone’s opinion. Nowhere is this more evident than job/college application essays. All your greatness is good for nothing if you are unable to advertise yourself well in short writing. That’s why many students ask top secret copywriting professionals for help. 

The way a website looks on the surface is a telling sign about the quality of its services, as well as the dedication and trustworthiness of the people behind it. Companies know this and will go out of their way to lock down a good front-end developer.


Movie criminals can be cool, but so can cops. Movies also like to show us cunning hackers who beat the system but not so much the good guys who try to stop them. Hacking vs. counter-hacking is a non-stop cat and mouse game, where you always have to be a step ahead, which is why strong cybersecurity is essential for any company with sensitive internal information to mind.

Such high stakes and the constant need to adapt and evolve place good cybersecurity specialists at the top of the programming food chain. We challenge you to find a low-paid, unsuccessful cybersecurity expert!

Cloud-Based Software

More and more data is being stored on the cloud instead of on local devices.

The ability to sync and store data on external servers is especially useful for students, as they frequently need to access and modify their files from different places on multiple devices. Software providers know this well, which is why most offer significant students software discounts. Aside from increased accessibility, cloud storage is also more secure, immune to damage or loss, and shareable with others.

All these different features and increased traffic create the need for cloud engineers, who are tasked with supporting and maintaining these systems.

Mobile App Development

People use smartphones more than oxygen these days, and big money is always where people’s attention is, so consider becoming a mobile app developer. The pool of potential employers you can work for is seemingly endless. Since phone games are relatively simpler than PC ones, you can also develop and launch gaming apps all on your own. If your game becomes a hit, it can take off globally and end up making you millions!

To wrap up

Software engineering is all the rage nowadays. The technology industry is growing so fast that the demand for tech workers constantly outstrips the supply, and there’s an increasing need for field professionals. Software developers are highly sought after, and well paid, making this career choice very desirable and lucrative.

But with all its benefits, the tech industry jungle can be complicated and hard to navigate, especially for a beginner looking to get some traction in this direction. That’s why we hope our list of trending software developer skills will help set you on track and give your development path some structure.

Joanne Elliot is a content writer and an IT student. She grew to realize that IT development and support were becoming central to our lives and decided not to miss out. Joanne frequently combines her two aspirations by writing about programming in her posts, as well as about her own recent experiences and challenges in this sphere.