Check out this list of the best apps and websites for learning programming

Best Apps and Websites for Learning Programming and Coding

With technology saturating every aspect of modern life at an exponential pace, the supply of competent programmers can hardly keep up with the increasing demand, making programming the most highly sought-after and well-paid profession on a mass scale today.

Learning to code is also convenient in that you don’t necessarily need a specialized learning facility. All the material is available on the internet for you to learn from the comfort of your couch, parallel to your studies, work, or other endeavors. A lot of people learn programming as their secondary undertaking, only to later realize its potential and switch their full-time focus to it.

If convinced, explore our carefully formulated list of best apps and websites for learning programming and coding.

Khan Academy

Khan academy is a long-standing leader in online education as a whole. Their easy-to-digest explainer videos with field-expert hosts, achievements system, and accompanying tests to check your progress have attracted millions of students worldwide.

Their relatively recent addition of programming courses will start you off with basic programming languages like HTML, CSS, and CQL and progress to more advanced ones like Java and Javascript.

The entirety of khan academy services is completely free to use!


Enki can teach you languages like Python or Javascript through a well-crafted, minimalistic user interface. If app design matters to you, you will find Enki very comfortable and satisfying to use. The material is explicit and well-presented, with supporting real-life examples and visualizations.

Learning programming from web pages or videos is fine. Still, if you have ever used GrabMyEssay to let a professional write your research paper, you know the need for help. Enki offers an interactive learning experience where you actively participate in the process, and there's even a portal for posting questions and comments others can answer.

If you are going into coding along with some friends, you can set up a shared group to monitor each other’s progress, which will help keep you motivated and inspired.

Enki is not just for beginners, though. Those with some experience under their belt can skip the fundamentals and jump straight to solving coding problems.


Encode is a code-learning app that's perfect for beginners. It offers short and easy courses to help you quickly advance to a higher level of expertise. It starts off by teaching you Javascript and then branches out to other programming languages. If you are hesitant about learning coding or unsure of your ability to learn it effectively, this app will surely sway you in and make you comfortable.

Programming Hub

Looking for a less boring, unconventional learning platform? Look no further; this app has you covered. Programming Hub offers a fun and engaging learning experience filled with positive reinforcement, interactive tasks, and informative animations. You can choose between courses that cover all basic programming languages like JavaScript, C++, Python, etc., and even learn about CEO, cybersecurity, Artificial intelligence, and other related subjects.


Grasshopper is a Google-developed platform that’s completely free to use. It is an easy-to-use coding app available on IOS and Google play and serves as a fun and easy way to start learn coding. Featuring a user-friendly, intuitive interface that looks elegant and inviting, Grasshopper is the most comfortable coding app to use on the go or during short time windows between work or studying. The learning is completely self-paced and self-guided.


DataCamp combines teaching the essentials like HTML, Java, and SQL with learning about ideas like AI learning and data science. The distinguishing mark of this app is that it provides knowledge-check exercises and questions at the end of every class and gives you a comprehensive report on your progress.

DataCamp lets you download the first chapter free of charge, so you can decide whether you want to pay for complete access.


ScratchJr is a code-learning app for kids. Let’s face the facts, children today are married to their gadgets, so if they're going to spend hours glued to their screens anyway, you might as well turn this time into something productive and give them something useful to learn.

Children soak up knowledge like sponges. And many parents would agree programming is a promising field that can set your child up for a successful future. If you are going to prematurely teach your child something that can turn into a future career, programming is the way to go.

Youngsters may make their own interactive tales and games with this software, which is based on MIT's Scratch scripting language designed for kids. With an interface created to meet and follow a young child's cognitive, psychological, social, and emotional development level, it encourages computational thinking and problem-solving abilities at a young age.

Bottom line

Anyone with at least a meagre sense of where the wind blows understands that programming is the most sensible career choice of today. Every type of company is already digitized in some way and requires IT support. Our list of online resources can help you hone this powerful skill and set you up for lifelong success!

Joanne Elliot is a content writer and an IT student. She grew to realize that IT development and support were becoming central to our lives and decided not to miss out. Joanne frequently combines her two aspirations by writing about programming in her posts, as well as about her own recent experiences and challenges in this sphere.