Discover whether it's legal to use a VPN India or not.

Can You Legally Use a VPN in India?

Unfortunately, internet connections in India are often not as safe as you would like them to be. In order to protect your online presence, you might want to be extra careful and use software like VPNs.

Virtual Private Networks are amazing at protecting your privacy, but can you use them legally in India? Let’s see if you would be able to get a VPN and why you should do so.

Are VPNs legal in India?

Yes, VPNs are legal in India. As a resident of the country, you are totally entitled to use a VPN. However, using it will not allow you to take part in illegal activities.

There are some situations in which you could engage your legal responsibility. Even if punishing online crimes committed by VPN users seems very complicated, as explained in the Hindustan Times, downloading child pornography or selling drugs, for instance, is still illicit.

Why use a VPN in India?

There are multiple reasons why you should be using a VPN when navigating the internet. The main reason is to ensure your security online.

However, not all VPN providers are honest. Therefore, the first thing you should do is make sure to choose a trustworthy supplier. Doing some research and finding proof the said provider is legitimate.

VPNs are not used only for safety matters. Here are some more reasons to adopt this tool:

  • Access region-blocked content: thanks to a new IP address, set up your location anywhere and watch CNN live or access British Netflix.
  • Protect your data: do not let the government or internet providers monitor your online
  • Access restricted websites: it can happen that your employer or your internet provider blocks access to certain With a VPN, get around these restrictions.

This is a system that works, according to the India Times, the use of VPN in the country has grown over 600%.

How to use a VPN in India?

Now that you are assured VPNs are legal and can help improve your online experience, the question is: how to use them?

No need to be an engineer to use this tool online! As we said, start by finding a trustworthy provider, then, follow these steps:

  • Subscribe to the chosen VPN
  • Download the app or software onto your
  • Open the app or software and log into
  • Choose your preferred location and get a new IP
  • Start navigating online safely.

Final thoughts

You can now be sure that using a VPN in India is perfectly legal. However, this tool does not give you immunity, and you will have to keep complying with the country’s regulations.

Using a VPN in India represents a huge benefit. By using this software you’ll be able to protect your data, your privacy and even avoid hacking. If you have not already decided to use a VPN, now is the time for a change.