Even a successful company needs partnerships to grow bigger and better, discover why is Crunchyroll asking for Google's help.

Crunchyroll Taps Google to Help Fuel Anime Growth

Partnership is a powerful tool for business. Even a successful company needs partnership to grow bigger and better. Partnership is a strategic plan for growth of a business most especially when it is established with a high ranking company. Most people get into partnership from the on-set of the business while others do that after getting to a certain standard.

The animation company is a fast growing company with so much traffic. People now prefer anime to movies made by humans. Anime has pulled numerous traffic for itself and the service providers.

Some people might be wondering about the connection between partnership and anime but those who know of Crunchyroll will have an idea about what this article entails. This article is a two way article which will highlight Crunchyroll and Google, showing what partnership they have and who stands a chance to benefit more in this partnership

Crunchyroll is an on-demand anime streaming service which mostly streams Japanese animations. It has generated over 1000 viewers and it is well known by anime lovers, most especially Japanese anime lovers. Although being so popular and well-known, Crunchyroll still needs more popularity, hence they started sourcing for a strong organization to partner with.

Google being a well known IT company that has succeeded in the world of internet and is well known for traffic generation. Crunchyroll thought it wise to partner with Google for increased growth, more popularity and traffic generation.

In this article, we'll take a look at the benefits of this strategic partnership between Crunchyroll and Google. Let's delve in!

Crunchyroll Partnership with Google

Crunchyroll and Google are strategic technological partners, this partnership is to help Crunchyroll grow and gain more viewers. This partnership was made easy as Google is already partners with Sony. Sony is now the owner of Crunchyroll and so far nothing has changed in the company that means that Crunchyroll will continue its services.

In the past few years, the audience of Crunchyroll has increased massively and this growth has made it ranked the best animation streaming service. They have increasing viewership and massive engagement. Crunchyroll is a joint-venture which exists between Japan's Aniplex and Sony Pictures Entertainment (US based). The US based Sony Pictures Entertainment has a long existing partnership with Google, this partnership cuts across Google clouds, Google advertising solutions, YouTube, Google TV and Android TV OS.

Crunchyroll made this partnership with Google in order to strengthen it's direct business with customers to build a higher level of flexibility, scalability and audience interaction and experience. The partnership comes with lots of benefits which will be listed out. Google does not really have a direct benefit from this partnership but it has helped in fueling the growth of animation awareness among the people and the growth of Crunchyroll audience. Lots of dating apps like Match use the same partnership.

Benefits of Crunchyroll's Partnership with Google

This strategic technological partnership comes with a lot of benefits which includes;

  1. Improvement on Viewers Experience: Crunchyroll will earn a massive audience with the help of Google Cloud. It modifies Crunchyroll's ability to retain the audience while engaging them too. Google Cloud makes use of its already established technology and content personalization which is supported by Machine learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  2. Content Creation and Product Information: Due to the use of data analytics and management by Google clouds, Crunchyroll will have the ability to make use of customers' insight to enhance the development of new audience experience and future development.
  3. Audience Generation and Reach Out Round the Globe: With the use of Google TV, YouTube, Google play store and Google TV OS devices, Crunchyroll will be able to generate more audience and will have a successful content distribution and subscription services. Audiences around the world will be able to access their anime with ease and subscription services won't be a problem.
  4. Fuel Growth and Link Fans to Content: With the help of Google advertising solutions, contents from Crunchyroll can get to numerous fans and growth of the service will be fueled by increased traffic and subscription. There will be personal connection with fans in line with more exciting anime.


The partnership between Google and Crunchyroll is not for basic growth but a fuel to an already established growth. The strategic technological partnership will also be of help to audiences who are not well vested with the knowledge of anime. This will also lead to increased publicity of both the streaming service and anime as some people are usually stranded when searching for sites to stream their favorite Japanese animations.

With the numerous facts shown, Crunchyroll has more advantages in this partnership than Google but then what's the essence of partnering with such a popular organization if not for publicity and lots of growth. Crunchyroll being a major anime streaming service will get even more populated and the purpose of the partnership will be fulfilled. Due to the increased popularity of Crunchyroll, you might experience Crunchyroll error when trying to download the amazing streaming application, you can try to download again as such a streaming service is worth having.