Discover what is Angular and why should your business consider it for development.

What Is Angular and Why Should Your Business Consider It for Development?

Apart from being the most-promising Javascript framework, Angular offers a wide range of benefits and advantages such as its open-source nature, two-way binding, dependency injection, RESTful API, and AJAX handling. No wonder, Angular technology is pretty much considered for developing dynamic, interactive, intimidating, single-page applications.

One of the basic factors that make any business a successful one is how they lure or leverage the modern customer. For that, you need the best tools and technologies in your arsenal. After all, who doesn’t want to gain optimum value for their respective investments? So the following article emphasizes which technology has the potential to be a band of your buck. No matter how small or large your web development project is, Angular was and has always been the number one technology to consider especially for conducting a successful web development project. However, do not forget to add mobile into the mix.

Basically what I am trying to say is that don’t try targeting one platform, in particular, try to take advantage of every possibility here. And this is the point where Angular development comes into play.

Angular Journey

What is Angular?

In simple words, Angular is one of the leading open-source Javascript frameworks that is highly considered for conducting successful development projects, be it for mobile or desktop. Some of the core users of Angular include Microsoft, Apple, YouTube, PayPal, Nike, Google, Macdonald’s, and so forth.

Now, what exactly is the outcome of Angular development? Well, you name it, you have it right from progressive web apps to native application development, quick-loading apps, apps featuring amazing command-line interfaces, high-end animation, and whatnot! In addition, you might be quite interested in knowing the fact that Angular’s two-way data binding ensures any change made within the code automatically gets reflected.

Apart from two-way binding, we have directives which act as great markers on a DOM element. And most important of all, Angular has the potential to run on both mobile and desktop platforms.

Why Should Angular Development Must be Taken into Consideration?

Now further it’s time to dig a bit deeper and get acquainted with how Angular development turns out to be beneficial for your business.

#1 Amazing Functionality

One of the obvious benefits offered by Angular is that this is one such framework that not just developers but even businesses have started to look forward to -all thanks to its incredible Angular features and functionalities. I won’t be bragging by saying that Angular does have the potential to offer out-of-the-box functionalities. Also, unlike other frameworks, you don’t have to incorporate third-party services. All you have to do is take a look at its library and I am pretty sure you will find something more relevant. In addition, by not using these third-party services, you will be saving ample time and cost.

 #2 Increased Productivity

 Another advantage of considering Angular for your business is increased productivity. Since Angular favours code consistency and reusability, the chances of productivity and efficiency must be increased to the next level. Not to mention, all you have to do is hire a reliable team of Angular developers who first understand your needs or requirements and then tend to offer the best possible outcomes from their doorsteps. By doing so, first, you can focus well on your core competencies and second, you don’t want the development cost to be escalated and at the same time overall efficiency to decrease.

#3 Backed By Google

If anything goes wrong, Google is right here to help! In fact, for many developers as well as businesses, this factor is a great relief. In case, if there is any critical situation or unwanted error taking place, the Google community featuring tons of veterans and skilled experts are ready to assist right then and there. In fact, Google has confirmed long-term support, especially in regard to Angular. So what is there to worry about since the framework is highly supported by the tech giant itself? 

Apps or Websites Built using Angular

  • Netflix - Yes, you read it absolutely right, the most-wanted video streaming app is built using Angular. To be precise, Angular was used as a frontend tool whereas for the backend Python and Flask played a very pivotal role. It has also been stated that the cost of developing such a video streaming app went extremely low especially after Angular was introduced.
  • Youtube - Another binge-watch platform that is pretty much known across the globe is Hulu + Live TV. Again this was built using Angular and today its popularity has successfully led the mere project into a multi-million dollar venture.
  • Gmail - Another interesting example of Angular is Gmail. In fact, not just Gmail but several other Google products are developed using Angular. So if the tech giant has so much faith in the technology then why don’t you take a leap of faith now?


Of course, this is not it! There are several other benefits offered by Angular such as clean code by using Typescript, PWA and SPA, Simplified MVC patterns, Code consistency, simplified testing, enhanced readability, easy maintenance and support, So now I would like to ask you why the heck one shouldn’t use Angular for your upcoming web development project.