With Snaptube, you can download as many Twitter videos as you wish on your android device for free. Snaptube offers unlimited and unrestricted download access to all its users.

The Ultimate Twitter Video Downloader for Free on Android

If you’re a frequent Twitter user, then you’re well aware that saving videos on the platform isn’t an available option yet.

You may be browsing through the Twitter app and you discover some amazing videos that you really want to save, but can't due to the app’s restrictions, so what do you do then? Do you simply bookmark the video and move on? If you ask me, I say you use Snaptube!

Snaptube is the best software for downloading Twitter videos on your Android device for free. It is a Twitter video downloader app with an easy-to-operate system. And with Snaptube, downloading HD videos, GIFs, and even pictures from Twitter for offline viewing has been made easy for every user.

This article contains the processes involved in downloading Snaptube, the steps on how to use it, and the reasons why you can always count on Snaptube for lightning-fast content downloads.

Features and Benefits of Using Snaptube

Snaptube is a unique Twitter video downloader app that provides you with a seamless download process of high-quality content (video, GIF, or pictures) from Twitter. It is the ultimate downloader for people who are in search of a reliable download platform.

Below are some specific features and benefits you stand to enjoy while using Snaptube:

  • It is 100% free with Zero charges. You don’t have to worry about subscription fees either.
  • The app is equipped with a lightning-fast search engine, which saves you a lot of buffer time.
  • Snaptube has an in-built media player that allows you to stream videos first before deciding on whether to download or not.
  • Snaptube is security verified by McAfee, CM Security, and Lookout Security, so you don't have to worry about your phone getting infected or damaged.
  • With Snaptube you can download Twitter videos as you like, there is no daily, monthly, or yearly limit on the free downloads. This is one of the reasons why the app is known to provide unlimited entertainment to all its users.
  • The most outstanding difference between Snaptube and all other Twitter media downloaders out there is the fact that Snaptube has brought together multiple platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc, granting you access to content on not only Twitter but all others. It is all you’ll ever need for downloading online content to your android phone.

How to Get the Snaptube Twitter Video Downloader

This section contains all you need to know on how to get (i.e download and install) the Snaptube Twitter Video Downloader on your android device. The process is relatively simple, just follow the instruction below and you should be done in a matter of seconds.


Before you begin to download Snaptube on your Android device, you need to know that Snaptube is not available on Google Play Store as of now, so to access it, you have to visit Snaptube’s official website.

Once you’re on the website homepage, don't press the “Red Download Button” just yet. Go to your phone’s Settings > Security and turn on the app download option from Unknown Sources. This function won’t harm your device in any way, it will only allow you to download apps from sources other than Google Play Store.

As soon as you’re done with that, you can go back to the official website page of Snaptube and press the red download button on the home screen. When the APK file is downloaded, press it, then press “Install” to complete the setup.

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The downloaded file will be in .apk format and the installation process is the same as any other android app, so you shouldn’t have any issues with this process.

How to Use the Snaptube Twitter Video Downloader

Moving on to the next stage, this section covers the steps on how to use this Twitter post downloader called Snaptube for locating, streaming, and finally downloading of Twitter videos for free.

Step One - Launch Snaptube

After you’ve downloaded Snaptube your next step is to launch the app. Immediately after the app opens up, you’ll see a Twitter icon below the search bar on your “For You” list of apps. Press it, and then sign into your Twitter as you normally do. Don’t worry, this is a one-time sign-in process that is required to have access to your personal Twitter profile.

Step Two - Search for a Twitter Video

Once you're signed into your Twitter account, you can simply look for any video by browsing through the app like you normally would. Alternatively, you could use the Snaptube search bar to search for a specific video. Just enter the relevant keywords and press the search icon.

Snaptube Search for a Twitter Video

Step Three - Download the Twitter Video

Finally, you’ve found an interesting video and now you want to save it on your phone. The process for this is very easy. Press the video to begin streaming it, then tap on the download button below the video that is playing to download it.

Download Twitter Video with Snaptube App

When you tap on the download icon/button, the Twitter to mp4 converter will provide different download options for the available resolutions (and sizes) of the video. Select the resolution of your choice and begin the download process.

Simply wait a few seconds while the video is being downloaded on your phone. Once the download is complete, you will be granted access to the video in the “My Files” section of Snaptube. It will also be saved on your phone’s default storage and can be accessed through its video app.

Related FAQs

Q1. Why is Snaptube not on Google Play Store?

Snaptube is a free video-downloading app, and the Google Play Store does not allow these kinds of apps on its app market.

Q2. What Does Snaptube use my Account Information For?

Logging in to Snaptube with your Google account or Twitter log in details, will help the app grab your user name, profile image, and other relevant user info and then include them on Snaptube so you can have a familiar user experience on the app.