Discover why is the ZeeMee app on the rise.

Why is the ZeeMee app on the rise?

The rise of ed-tech is a welcome innovation for many reasons. But one particular reason for the rise of ed-tech is that it allows students to learn from reliable sources conveniently and effectively. An excellent example of a welcome development in the ed-tech space is the ZeeMee app.

ZeeMee is a California-based app or a social networking space where college students can find productive materials. The ZeeMee app is so widespread that over 165 schools employ its functions in their practices. But if you are curious why millions of students use the ZeeMee app, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we will elaborate on why the ZeeMee app is on the rise. By the end of this article, you should know why many colleges and students are getting registered on this platform.

Personalize college application

One of the standout features of the ZeeMee app is that it gives college applicants the liberty to add color to their applications. Color in the sense that they can personalize their application in the form of photos, videos, and stories. Ideally, college applicants either send a written letter to the institution or, in some cases, upload a short video to their website. You can think of the app as a social media app like Facebook and Instagram.

The challenge with the older way of applying to your favorite college is that it limits how well you can express yourself. Also, that way made it easier for applicants to make a mistake as the process is lengthy. But with the ZeeMee app, students can apply to study at their preferred college with an edge since they can better express their capabilities and tell their stories. Students and even colleges are aware of the potential, which explains the widespread adoption of the app.

Contact admission office

Another area where the ZeeMee app makes headlights is because it makes it easy for applicants to get in touch with their respective admission offices. It's undeniable that the whole process of college application may seem overwhelming for applicants. Often, applicants tend to have a lot of questions. Colleges understand this, and so provide answers to several common questions students may have on their website.

But if you cannot find answers to a specific question, getting in touch with someone in the college you are applying to will come in handy. While sending an email is often encouraged in such cases, the likelihood of getting feedback timely is often slim. But the ZeeMee app allows applicants to contact their admission office with any concerns.

Chat with other prospective students

Social media platforms have been one of the most common ways to contact prospective students applying for your preferred college. But the ZeeMee app is at the forefront of this as it offers applicants a better way to connect. The ZeeMee app can serve as a chatting app. In it, applicants can reach out to other prospective students and chat about their concerns and progress in their application journey.

This feature of the ZeeMee app is highly welcome as it brings the students closer even before gaining admission. Particularly, students who live within the same region could become close friends and check up on each other when eventually in college. Applicants could also rely on one another to get news about the college and what needs to be done during the application process.

Showcase Talent

Also, the ZeeMee app can serve as a platform where students can showcase their talents. It is a platform with a massive audience. So, while the app is an excellent ed-tech app, it can also be a way to put your talent to the rest of the world. After all, what is the point of education if not enriching the quality of human life? And what better way is there to showcase enriching lives than by promoting unique talents?

You can showcase your talent on the app if you know you are an excellent vocalist or have advanced skills playing a particular instrument. Showcasing your talent will also help you stand out during your college application.

To sum things up, the ZeeMee app makes college applications stressless. It helps you stand out and simplify the long and complicated application process. However, only some colleges have adopted the use of the ZeeMee app. So, before using it, check if your college uses it. If it does, it makes sense to take advantage of the app.