Learn how to use customer service to retain your customers.

How to Use Customer Service to Retain Your Customers?

Having a customer service department is one of the important essentials to keeping your business running smoothly as possible. No doubt, running a business is tough, from providing high-quality products or services to your customers to making sure that they are able to meet their needs through your products or services. Not to mention, you also need to manage the cost of providing those products and services along with many other activities. Moreover, the products or services that your business is offering are an essential part of your customers’ lives. But the most important thing you need to manage while running your business is making sure that your customer service runs smoothly in its job of constantly retaining customers.

Consider the example of Xfinity customer service; using their call center services, Xfinity can help their customers get the most out of their internet experiences. Customers also feel relaxed and comfortable when their internet connection issues get resolved by reaching out to customer service by dialing the Xfinity phone number. Customer service can help customers to make the most of their products and services.

Hence, customer service is designed for that purpose solely; businesses need to provide support to their customers so that they can feel satisfied and heard and continue to use their services, instead of looking elsewhere.

How to Retain Customers through Customer Service?

Now let’s look at how you can maintain effective customer service to continuously retain customers for your business;

Expert Agents

You can provide a premium customer service experience where customers will be directed to experts to help them deal with issues with your products or services. Your customer service experts are trained on how to deal with complex issues and they also have access to information on solutions to common problems regarding your products or services. This will allow your business to retain its customers by providing solutions.

Online Chat Support

In this digital age, customers prefer other modes of communication with your customer service agents than the traditional phone call. One such way is online chat support which is quickly gaining support as the preferred method of communication over its real-time and instant solutions. Your customers feel that online chat support offers to resolve their issues as soon as possible without having to wait for hours or days. Moreover, chat support also offers automated features where customers are provided answers to basic issues without exhausting your customer support team.

24/7 Availability

New users might be perusing your products or services any time after your working hours and might suddenly decide to purchase them because they need them. But before purchasing, they might have a question about your product or services and need to reach out to your support team about them. But because your customer support isn’t available after working hours, they might be deterred from purchasing your services and instead go to your competitor because they have 24/7 customer service.

The point here is that it doesn’t matter if you have the products or services available to fulfill your customers’ needs as long as your customer service isn’t available to guide them through the entire process. Having a 24/7 service could make a big difference in customer retention as well.

Separate Platform for Customer Support

One other way that you can use to keep retaining customers is by providing them a platform where they can find instant information regarding your products or services, such as how to make payments, how to use your products, how to best avail your services, how to troubleshoot, etc. If all this information were readily available to your customers, then you wouldn’t need to invest in more manpower, and that too during off-hours.

Moreover, there should also be a separate social media platform for customer support. For instance, Xfinity has a dedicated customer service Twitter page, that is different from its main Twitter account. This will make it easier for customers to communicate with your customer support and also review the experiences and interactions of other customers.

Technical Support

There are some products or services that require technical solutions that only an expert can provide and customers do not have any such information. If such is the case with your products or services, it would be a good idea to provide a separate number for technical support to your customers. That will help customers to relax and not worry about dealing with technical stuff that they do not have any knowledge about.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping up, it is essential that your business keeps running customer service as smoothly as possible to maintain customer relationships and avoid losing them. Look at any business; one of the most basic formulas they all follow is asking their customers what they need and then providing it to them. If you want to support your business goals, make sure to have the best strategy in place for maintaining customer retention.