Discover why people click out of youtube videos.

Why People Click Out of YouTube Videos

YouTube is a platform that boosts many people's hidden talent and gives them their identity. However, understanding the algorithm of this platform can be pretty tough for newcomers. Creating a video demands long hours of dedication and updated equipment so that you can attract an audience very quickly. But, sometimes, due to minor or major mistakes, people click out of YouTube videos. So, it is indispensable to understand why people click out of YouTube videos. To gain subscribers, you can visit the best sites to gainYouTube subscribers but maintaining the watch time is also very important. 

Today's article will focus on the reasons for decreased views and less watch time on your videos. Let's dive in to know more about this reason and explore the solutions.

5 Reasons Why People Click Out of YouTube Videos

1. Videos Are Too Lengthy

Long videos can be descriptive but can bring boredom also. This is the primary reason why people click out of YouTube videos. Coming up with a topic and describing it, in brief, is something which you should focus on. Necessary information is enough in this type of video, and it is good to keep your videos short.

It is evident that the YouTube platform allows longer video format, but that doesn't mean you should benefit from it. According to our stats, the proper length of videos is around 12 hrs, but the ideal length should be about 5 to 7 minutes. People will see it at the end and return for more videos. 

Solution: Now, you must wonder how to rectify this error. The answer is straightforward. Create a video first and include only needed information. During editing, cut the part which is not necessary and rephrase if there is any need. You can also check references and examples to get a clear idea.

2. Target the Wrong Audience

The following reason people click out of YouTube videos is to target the wrong audience. The cause behind this reason can be a plan to buy YouTube subscribers. Visiting some best site to buy YouTube subscribers can sometimes target the wrong audience. So, using this technique, you should clear your concept and set the right target. 

Think about it, you are making a video related to various fast foods, but your audience is related to fitness. Will they see your video or come back again? The answer is no. A fitness freak audience never shows interest in food videos related to junk ones. That's why most people click out of YouTube videos. 

Solution: The solution to this problem includes a straightforward strategy. You should do market research and know your viewers and their needs. Try to focus on their language and work on that. You can explore their interests by asking questions in the community and creating videos.

3. Using Clickbait Frequently

You must have heard about clickbait, where your title is something else, and video is something else. This is called a misleading technique, and trust us; no one will follow your channel if you are doing it frequently. Many platforms besides YouTube also come up with solutions to remove the click bait videos or content from their feed. 

Let's check out some examples of clickbait titles. You must have seen titles like "Lose 10 kg Weight in 7 Days" or "7 Ways to Earn Money Without Investment". When you go to their video, you will find barely any information. This is called clickbait or misleading content, and it is wrong. That's why people click out of YouTube videos and never return. 

Solution: While preparing for your video, ensure that your title and content are relevant. All information is correct, and nothing misleading details are given. 

4. Slow Start of a Video

Watching videos can be very interesting if they start with an exciting piece of information. Repetition at the start can be a cause of why people click out of YouTube videos. When you are choosing the strategy to buy YouTube subscribers, it means you can bring people who can be your permanent followers. But, if your videos are dull and have no exciting element, your money and effort will be wasted.

We have seen many videos on YouTube which start very slow, as the primary information comes after 1 or 2 minutes. According to the plan, if you want to catch your subscriber's attention immediately, you should convey the information within 20-30 seconds. 

Solution: How to avoid this issue, so people don't click out of your video? It is elementary to do. Come up with an exciting and robust story, including some surprising elements. Convey the message as soon as the video starts, and then explain it nicely. 

5. Video Doesn't Include Attractive Thumbnail

The following reason people click out of YouTube videos is not having an attractive thumbnail. You can go to the best sites to buy YouTube subscribers, but without a compelling thumbnail, you cannot increase your views and watch time. Generally, when people go to YouTube, they scroll up and ignore those videos whose thumbnails are very simple and dull. It can be misleading, not attractive, or bad-quality images. 

For example, comedy videos will do the best work if you are looking to light your mood. Now, when you find comedy videos, you will check out the thumbnails and understand what type of content they are offering. Only the compelling thumbnail will attract your interest, and you will instantly click on that. That is how this strategy works.


  1. To make your videos click-worthy, go for the best photo-editing software.
  2. Make sure the image is apparent and of high quality.
  3. Focus on the details you give on the thumbnail and use the correct dimensions.

The recommendation on YouTube is 1280X720, so try to keep up with it.


Regarding YouTube, two things play an essential role. The first one is subscribers, and the other is content. To start your journey, you can buy YouTube subscribers. For content, you have to put much effort into your plan because only the content will help you increase watch time and gain more views. People generally click out on videos that are highly misleading or don't include relevant information. Think like a subscriber, and you will get to know what is going wrong. 

In today's article, we have described why people click out of YouTube videos and how to solve those problems. Using these solutions will surely get a high response on your channel and increase subscribers. 

Remember only two things while going on your journey. Never go with the wrong information and always go with the need of your audience. These steps will grow your channel, and in the future, you can be the person with the highest number of subscribers.